Unhoused Care

Reducing Downtown homelessness through connections to appropriate resources.

Outreach, Services, and Care

As part of the Downtown Partnership Clean & Safe program, our Unhoused Care Team is committed to reducing Downtown homelessness through connections to helpful resources. The work of the Unhoused Care Team includes engaging with clients one-on-one to understand their unique situation to seek solutions such as reuniting clients with their support systems through the Family Reunification Program, referrals to essential services such as shelter, food, clothing, street-based care management, and more.  

About the Unhoused Care Team

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond for our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness every day. Dressed in their signature Maui blue, you can spot these subject matter experts in every neighborhood of Downtown prioritizing trust, care and compassion to connect clients with the resources they need. Their efforts have been recognized as best practices in intervention for those experiencing homelessness and for the difference they are making in the quality of life in Downtown neighborhoods.  

Contact Number: 619-909-4260

FY 22-23 Unhoused care team Stats


Family Reunification Program clients connected with support systems


Clients referred to/placed in shelter

Family Reunification Program 

One of our most successful programs to reduce homelessness in Downtown is the Family Reunification Program. This program provides transportation and other services to reconnect those currently living unsheltered or at risk of becoming unsheltered with their support systems throughout the country. Through funding from the City of San Diego, the program enables individuals to rebuild the much-needed foundation crucial to ending the cycle of homelessness and creating their next chapter of housing stability.  

Contact Number: 619-548-7103

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