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Flok: Check-in to Real Connections, San Diego’s In-person Networking Startup

Flok is transforming the way we connect at events and beyond. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and the new possibilities for in-person networking and friendships with the Flok App. Flok is making waves in San Diego partnering with SheTalks, SoCal Techcon, WeWork, and more!

Download Flok on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Flok’s Mission:

Help people form meaningful connections by leveraging the power of technology to facilitate real-life interactions.
Flok is a revolutionary networking and friendship app that connects people based on interests and goals. Whether at a conference, co-working space, or coffee shop, the app connects people where they already are, while providing a safe platform for real-life connections.

Why Flok?

The Problem: Meeting People in Real Life is Hard
In today’s digital age, connecting with new people in person can be daunting and challenging. Many find themselves at events or venues, unsure of how to initiate conversations or make new friends.

The Solution: Flok’s Innovative Technology
Flok’s app transforms that social tension. By allowing users to check in at a venue and see who else is available to connect, create profiles based on interests, and create safe introductions via messaging. Flok makes meeting people in real life effortless and natural.

How Flok Helps

Flok for Business
Businesses can now become a Flok Spot creating a social hub that attracts more traffic and connection at their venue. Flok’s business solution enhances the guest experience, streamlines the check-in process, and elevates the networking experience.

Interested in becoming a Flok Spot? Schedule a meeting with our team!

Flok for Networking
Networking has never been easier with Flok. Users are saying goodbye to intimidating events and ineffective traditional methods such as name tags and sign-in sheets. Set your professional interests and goals, check in at the event, and connect with the right people effortlessly. Flok’s Missed Connections feature has been crucial for users when following up with people they met or didn’t get the chance to meet after an event.

Flok for Friendships
Making friends is simple with Flok – no more excessive planning, no-shows, ghosting, and catfishing. Whether the app user is at a festival, exploring the city, or on campus, Flok has been helping people who are new to the city, lonely, and ready to make new friends build genuine connections by turning any venue into a place to meet new people.

Meet the Founder: Jessica Wallace

Find your Flok
The initial idea for Flok emerged during the post-COVID era when social interactions were in flux. Despite the abundance of meetup apps, there was a noticeable gap—people were more connected to their screens than to each other. Jessica Wallace, the visionary founder of Flok, saw an opportunity to bridge this gap. She envisioned an app that would allow users to connect with those around them, fostering real-life interactions instead of digital distractions.

During networking events, Jessica noticed the inefficiencies of traditional methods like name tags and sign-in sheets. She dreamed of a unified platform that would make networking more effective and enjoyable. This vision led to the creation of Flok, designed to bring people together with just a few taps.

Since 1986 Insperity has been a leading provider of HR solutions for small and medium sized businesses. For over three decades thousands of businesses have trusted Insperity to help them thrive and grow by providing all the tools and expertise they need to take care of their most valuable asset: their people.

From 5 to 500 employees, Insperity will customize a solution that suits your specific needs and goals. We will help you optimize your workforce to unlock the full potential of your business.

We can handle any HR challenge you may face, such as: reducing employer risk and liability, controlling escalating insurance costs, compliance with ever-changing labor laws, employee benefits and workers’ comp at below market rates, attracting and retaining talent, leading and managing remote teams, building a healthy company culture, leadership development, performance reviews, conflict resolution, relieving administrative burdens, and more.

If you’re ready to discover a better way to HR, let’s talk.

  • Full-Service HR

  • Employee Benefits

  • HR Technology


Cory Schwarzschild Business Performance Advisor
11455 El Camino Real | Suite 100 | San Diego, CA 92130
OFFICE: 858-523-7862 | MOBILE: 858-880-4276


What our clients say – Client Testimonials

Learn more at:

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Jingle Jets to be San Diego’s newest holiday tradition

The USS Midway Museum will deck out the carrier from bow to stern with hundreds of thousands of twinkling and shimmering lights to celebrate this year’s holidays with “Jingle Jets,” its inaugural festive lighting experience. This joyous evening event, 16 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, will be the newest holiday tradition in San Diego.

At more than 40,000 tons, the Midway will be transformed from mighty warship into a winter wonderland with an aviation twist to bring an extraordinary holiday spirit to the San Diego Bayfront.

“We’re very excited to bring Jingle Jets to San Diegans,” said Mark Berlin, Midway’s director of operations and guest services. “This will be an incredible holiday experience that will be totally unique in San Diego.”

Jingle Jets will encompass Midway’s flight deck and hangar deck, as well as a portion of its lower deck.

Visitors entering the hangar deck will be greeted by holiday carolers as they meander through a wintery forest of illuminated trees filled with brilliantly lit tunnels, life-size holiday ornaments, reindeer, and a polar bear or two. Overhead truss lighting will fill the hangar hues of red, green and blue, and additional lighting from above will simulate snowflakes.

The center section of the carrier’s flight deck will showcase an array of overhead white icicle lights crisscrossed from decorative truss towers, while the fantail will come alive with three 20-foot rope-light Christmas trees. Nearly a dozen of Midway’s aircraft will be wrapped in holiday lights while the others will receive unique lighting treatments. The mast will be awash in traditional seasonal colors and feature a prominent holiday wreath projected onto the island to complete the flattop’s festive atmosphere.

Venturing down to the 2nd deck, guests will be guided through the mess deck brightly decorated with Christmas trees and red and white candy can poles adorned with ribbon, garland and wreaths. Holiday stationary will be available at the mess-deck tables encouraging visitors to write letters to service members.

Jingle Jets will also include many engaging activities for visiting guests. Along with the opportunity to send holiday wishes to those serving in the military, the flight deck will feature a dance floor with a DJ spinning holiday tunes as well as multiple photo opportunities. In the hangar, Santa Claus will interact with visitors in his red flight suit while sitting in his holiday ejection seat. Specialty holiday-themed treats and delicious eats along with seasonal merchandise will be available at the museum’s Café 41 and it’s Jet Shop giftshop.

“We want our guests to feel like they’ve stepped into an amazing holiday world, a place to bring joy and magic like they’ve never experienced anywhere else,” said Cheryl Carlson, Midway’s director of special events. “I think Jingle Jets will become a great new and memorable holiday tradition in San Diego.”

Jingle Jets will begin on Friday, Nov. 24 and run on 16 selective nights through Dec. 23 from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. Tickets and additional information are available on the museum’s website –


The San Diego County Water Authority formed more than 75 years ago to meet the water needs of a growing region. Today, we’re proud to sustain a nearly $300 billion regional economy, unmatched quality of life for 3. 3 million residents, and several critical military bases.  

The Water Authority delivers wholesale water supplies to retail water providers from Camp Pendleton to the U.S.-Mexico border. Thanks to the investments made by ratepayers and visionary thinking of our region’s leaders, San Diego County now enjoys one of the most reliable water supplies in California. As communities across the West grapple with the rapidly changing climate, our region’s diverse water supplies continue to pay dividends for families and businesses that call San Diego home.  

 Locally Controlled Water Supplies

San Diego County’s water supply portfolio helps ensure that our region’s water needs are met, no matter the weather. More than half of our water comes from the Colorado River, where San Diego has access to high-priority water thanks to a historic conservation-and-transfer deal with Imperial Valley. We have also lined more than 50 miles of earthen canals to conserve and use the saved water, and we raised San Vicente Dam – the tallest dam raise in U.S. history – to safeguard supplies for droughts and emergencies.    

In addition, the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant delivers up to 50 million gallons a day of drought-proof water. Our region is also leading the way in water reuse, with the City of San Diego’s Pure Water project, along with similar efforts in Oceanside and East County, helping to ensure we will have water to support our communities for generations to come.    

Committed to Affordability

The Water Authority is constantly working to balance water reliability and costs paid by ratepayers. Whether it is maintaining our strong credit rating, securing financial aid for lower-income families or supporting legislation to prevent unnecessary rate increases, we are committed to enhancing affordability and providing the greatest value to our customers. Recent efforts include:

  • Securing $90 million through ratepayer advocacy and distributing directly to 24 retail water agencies in San Diego County 
  • Saving hundreds of millions of dollars in future costs of water deliveries
  • Helping secure financial aid for low-income water customers  
  • Saving more than $250 million by refinancing debt 
  • Developing a top-tier Asset Management Program to proactively make repairs and avoid costly failures

Today, the Water Authority is building on its foundation of success by playing an active role in the development of long-term plans for managing the Colorado River, along with upgrading the major water pipelines that serve the region, and advocating for state and federal funds to shore up the region’s dams. Each step is taken in coordination with our retail member agencies and partners across the Southwest – because we know that by working together, our region’s water outlook has never been brighter. 

For more information, go to

Photo Booth Rental San Diego: The Epitome of Corporate Event Excellence

In the bustling heart of Downtown San Diego, an extraordinary service is revolutionizing the corporate event experience. Luxe Booth | Photo Booth Rental San Diego, a premier brand in the photo booth rental industry, is breathing life and elegance into corporate gatherings, crafting unforgettable memories and bonding experiences. 

Stepping into the corporate world, Luxe Booth brings a fresh perspective to networking and team-building activities. Their top-tier photo boothshave become a remarkable fixture at product launches, team dinners, and corporate retreats, effortlessly injecting an air of camaraderie and celebration into the professional environment. 

Crafted with state-of-the-art technology, Luxe Booth’s high-resolution cameras and superb printing capabilities ensure that every picture is a memento of excellence. The photographs, whether in vibrant color or timeless black & white, capture not just smiles but the essence of corporate unity and the spirit of collaboration.

But Luxe Booth’s magic doesn’t stop there. As the holiday season approaches, their customizable photo booths are gearing up to add a dash of festive cheer to office parties. With their innovative technology and enthusiastic team, Luxe Booth guarantees a dash of merriment to lighten the corporate atmosphere, making their photo booths a holiday essential.

At the core of Luxe Booth’s remarkable success is a dedicated team that works relentlessly to ensure each event is an absolute hit. They blend seamlessly into any corporate setting, facilitating smooth operations and adding a touch of sophistication to every occasion. Their collaborations with various national and local brands are a testament to their outstanding contributions to corporate event experiences.

Rooted in San Diego, Luxe Booth has extended its premier services throughout Southern California, revolutionizing corporate events with their blend of sophistication and fun. Whether your San Diego business is hosting an event in the glitz of Los Angeles or the picturesque locales of Orange County, Luxe Booth’s state-of-the-art photo booths and dedicated team have locations throughout Southern California, ensuring a seamless integration of their services into your next event.

Ready to elevate your event? Visit Luxe Booth’s website learn more.

In the world of Luxe Booth, every corporate event is a red carpet affair. Choose Luxe Booth and step into a world of corporate elegance, team-building, and unforgettable memories.

Samantha Mitchell
Head of Marketing
Luxe Booth | Photo Booth Rental San Diego
4134 Adams Ave UNIT 105
San Diego, CA 92116

Direct: 619-923-4023

Does Medicare make Sense for Seniors with Employer Health Coverage?

Group health insurance premiums are calculated on risk factors: Size and health of the group, prescription utilization, average age, claims history, and occupation. Cost management strategies like workplace wellness, telemedicine and adoption of HDHP/HSA plans are common approaches, but it’s also important to study the merits of Medicare – either in addition to employer plans or in place of them.

Frequently, employees opt into their group health benefits because they simply don’t understand how Medicare “works”. To explore the possibilities of how to save premium and reduce risk without compromising benefits, call us to learn more.

Help your company save money while helping your senior employees (65+) make important Medicare decisions that will provide proper coverage and avoid penalties later on. Turning 65 is their opportunity to make first-time Medicare decisions and it’s very important they have all the options available to them while also understanding the penalties.

Active employees who continue to work past age 65 cannot be dropped from their employer’s group health plan without violating the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). It can be confusing for Employees to know how their group coverage coordinates with Medicare so that is why a Medicare Agent can help HR staffs to educate their senior employees as to their options and how this would work at no charge OR obligation.

As many of you may or may not know, we have 10,000 seniors turning 65 every day and they need help finding options and learning about what is available to them.  Instead of being limited to one or two group plans as options, they can compare many plans from different carriers and choose the one that best fits their needs and budget. As HR Managers, you can lead the way by ensuring that your early retirees’ transition from passive employees on the company health plan to empowered individual health insurance consumers is a smooth one.     

Almost half of companies planning to cut back employee benefits in 2023, report finds.

“Employers are focusing on recalibrating more than cutting and are continuing to invest in care benefits even as they trim other costs,” reports.

“Among the most prioritized offerings include childcare benefits, which 46% of HR leaders say is at the top of their lists. Likewise, 43% of survey respondents say senior care benefits were something they would look to prioritize moving forward. For most leaders, family care benefits are seen as a good way to boost productivity and talent retention – which makes sense, since a third of workers have a child under 14 in their household.”

We would love to help your company and your seniors save money. 
Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

SR Insurance Services Inc.
Soledad Ramirez – Insurance Broker
550 West B Street, 4th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101
(W)right On Spotlights Storytelling and Sustainability with its 25th Anniversary Event Series

A business’s 25th anniversary is typically a time to look back. But integrated communications agency, (W)right On Communications, is looking forward as they mark this milestone. 

One of Forbes Magazine’s Best PR Agencies in the country, and winner of the coveted International Public Relations Network’s 2022 Project of the Year award on the global stage, the agency has created The Next 25  to celebrate with a purpose. The curated event series will feature leaders and experts from across numerous industries weighing in on the future of sustainability and storytelling.

“These events spark conversations that help everyone better prepare for and be successful in the future, whether you’re in hospitality and travel or real estate and development. Sustainability and our changing physical world are the story that will dominate the next 25 years just like the tech and digital worlds did these past 25 years,” explained President and Founder Julie Wright. 

The first event, “Sustainable Tourism: Oxymoron or Opportunity,” runs from 4 to 5 p.m. on March 28 with panelists participating in-person and via Zoom at (W)right On Communications’ office on the 29th top floor of the iconic Emerald Plaza with sweeping 360o views overlooking the city and San Diego Bay. 

(W)right On client partner Visit Napa Valley, represented by CEO Linsey Gallagher, is one of the panelists. She’s joined by SVP of Lowe, Todd Majcher; Tom Anderson, COO of Archer Aviation, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (evTOL) aircraft company; and TravelPulse and Parents contributor Mia Taylor. Julie Wright is moderating.

Each speaker brings a unique viewpoint: a world-renowned destination, a resort developer who built a beautiful 100-plus acre resort on the California coastline, an innovator developing a new mode of short-haul air travel and a journalist covering sustainable travel from an industry and consumer standpoint. 

The Consumer & Lifestyle practice group at (W)right On specializes in hospitality, tourism, senior living, sports and entertainment clientele, while its B2B & Technology group represents real estate developers, clean technology innovators, energy utilities, healthcare organizations, clean power providers and metaverse technologies. 

“There’s something for everyone in our Next 25 events,” says Wright. 

The Next 25 series continues throughout the year with future events focused on immersive storytelling, cleantech innovations and more to come. 

“Over the next 25 years, the U.S. will grow by 40 million people—about as many as live in California today. Rising populations, temperatures and sea levels will affect how we live and travel. Tourism and travel leaders are planning now to protect and steward special places like the Napa Valley, Yosemite and California’s precious beaches and coastline. Our team has been telling the stories of these amazing places for years and those stories have shifted from ‘come-one-come-all’ to ‘come, but in the off-peak season or mid-week, please!’” 

Tourism supply and demand will increasingly need balancing to ensure accessibility, affordability and economic opportunity while preserving the environments that support tourism and benefit local quality of life. Data is now consistently showing a preference for cleaner, greener travel experiences. But who’s doing it right and what’s just greenwashing? 

Join (W)right On Communications to find out March 28: Advance registration by invitation is required for in-person attendance – contact: for availability.


Birdi Systems is proud to play an on-going part in the world-class infrastructure of San Diego. With over 35 million visitors to our city each year, we know that it takes leadership and strategic thinking to make everything run smoothly. That’s what both inspires and motivates us.

Birdi Systems is an award-winning, full-service systems engineering consulting and contracting firm. Based right here in Southern California, we are a diverse group of industry leaders led by engineers who specialize in finding solutions. Birdi Systems has become the leading provider of technology solutions to major airports and transportation entities.

It is our quality service and people that set us apart as an end-to-end solution for projects. Our slogan is “From Solutions to Service,” because we not only develop the system software but provide you with full-service systems engineering consulting and contracting. We focus on four key areas: commissioning and activation, project management, systems integration, and software development.

Our team has raised the bar in our industry by developing these essential in-house tools:

Systems Facilities Operations Readiness (SFOR) An innovative process to achieve project objectives and activation by aligning project plans, designs, operational goals, and business processes.

Capital Project Planner (CPP) A software solution which aims at managing large scale, high cost capital programs that require efficient and extensive resources and planning.

Airport Security Assessment Tool (ASAT) A software solution that catalyzes requirements capturing and tracking processes relevant to regulatory mandates and standards.

Security Asset Management System (SAMS) A system monitoring capability that improves service response time and isolation of system problems, particularly for server and database supported systems

Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to talk to our clients and see the results.  

“We had gold in SFOR Concept of Operations” – Bob Bolton, TDP Director, San Diego International Airport  

Visit our website ( to read the case studies of a few of our latest aviation projects including: 

– San Diego International Airport (SAN): Concept of Operations 
– Los Angeles World Airports Credentialing System Integration 
– Port of Los Angeles, Robotic System Retro-Activation 
– Long Beach Airport – FIDS 
– LAWA Central Utility Plant 

Birdi Systems was founded in 2006 by Moninder Birdi after 10 years of distinguished service with Parsons. Birdi was immediately recognized for its unique capabilities when in 2007 it replaced LAWA’s legacy Risk Management Information System at an estimated 1/3 the cost. We were honored to receive the prestigious National SBA Award for System Facilities Operations Readiness (SFOR™) success on the San Diego International Airport Green Build. 

If you only remember one thing about Birdi Systems, then remember this… As engineers, we are experts in developing solutions for our clients but the solution is not our goal rather only one of the means to an end.  


Deck the Halls x Tipsy Elves at Nason’s Beer Hall
Located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, stop by Nason’s Beer Hall for a Santa-sized dose of festive merriment this holiday season.

Nason’s is getting tipsy! This season, Nason’s Beer Hall (located at Pendry San Diego) is decking the halls with the jolliest, most over-the-top décor as the hotel partners with San Diego-based holiday-themed apparel company, Tipsy Elves. Join in on the festivities lit with frosty beers, jolly cocktails, tasty bites, a giant Christmas cookie to decorate, halls decked with Tipsy Elves sweaters, and a National “Ugly Sweater Day” celebration on December 16, featuring live Christmas carolers. A portion of proceeds from the three seasonal signature Tipsy Elves cocktails – Tipsy and Toasted, Tipsy and Bright and Breakfast at Tipsy’s – will benefit the San Diego Food Bank. Open daily through January 3, 2023. 

An addition to San Diego’s iconic craft beer scene, Nason’s features an expansive selection of local and international beers, globally inspired comfort food, and vintage bar games. Its name pays homage to Nason & Co. Farmer’s Market, which occupied this unique space in the early 1900s.



Cisterra Development is a proud contributor to Downtown San Diego’s skyline and a longtime supporter of the Downtown San Diego Partnership. Having previously developed both the Sempra Energy Headquarters and DiamondView Tower, Cisterra continues to be actively involved downtown with the construction of Radian – a 22 story mixed use tower that will include 241 luxury apartments and a Target store, which is scheduled to deliver in June 2023. Only a block from Radian, Cisterra is pursuing the start of construction in 2023 for 7th & Market, a mixed-use high rise boasting a Ritz-Carlton hotel and private residences. 

Jason Wood, a Principal at Cisterra, currently sits on the DSDP’s Board of Directors, the Political Action Committee, and the Commercial Enhancement Program (CEP), which he previously Chaired for 2 years.

Cisterra, founded in 1999 by Steve Black, is an accomplished private real estate development and investment company specializing in large, highly complex and creative office, research campuses, multi-family and mixed-use developments in high barrier-to-entry real estate markets. 

Having developed over 30 million square feet over the past 25 years, Cisterra is an industry leader in creating innovative projects. Its entrepreneurial spirit embodies a mix of contemporary ideas and traditional work ethic, the results of which are beautiful, imaginative and award-winning properties. Cisterra’s in-depth market knowledge, progressive ideas and valuable expertise, have resulted in long-term collaborative partnerships founded on commitment and trust. 

Learn more about Radian. 


Buro Happold’s growing team in San Diego builds off our award-winning California design portfolio. With a presence in Southern California for over 16 years, Buro Happold has worked on some of the most innovative and iconic cultural, higher education, corporate, civic, and science and technology projects across the state. 

 “I’m excited to be part of the Buro Happold team, delivering state-of-the-art engineering solutions and leading-edge sustainability consulting strategies for our San Diego clients”, says Principal Brooks Stout, who leads the San Diego office with a focus on building client relationships.  

Buro Happold has worked with most of the top universities in the U.S, and projects on six campuses across the UC system including the UC San Diego Carbon Reduction Plan and the UC San Diego Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood, currently in construction. We also recently delivered the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, our first cultural project in the San Diego region.

Buro Happold delivers world-class engineering design and strategic consulting services across a range of disciplines spanning products, places, infrastructure and communities. We combine creativity with forward thinking technical skills in order to deliver positive client outcomes that address the major challenges facing society today. Our services in the United States are delivered by a thriving network of 14 offices nationwide. Our diverse staff of over 400 employees includes engineers, architects, planners, economists, urban designers and real estate professionals. Our engineers, advisors and consultants are working with innovative and progressive global and regional clients across the spectrum of the design profession, private sector, public sector, developer market and investment community. 

Buro Happold is determined to continuously improve as an organization comprising a diverse and inclusive practice, which reflects the varied cultures of the communities and clients we serve. We strive to create a safe and inclusive workplace for all our employees to bring their whole selves to work and be accepted for who they are. Buro Happold has had a JUST label since 2016, helping pave the way for the industry by becoming one of the first global engineering firms to receive the label by scoring high in categories such as non-discrimination, ethnic diversity, pay-scale equity, and worker happiness. We continue to partner with many organizations to promote diversity including the ACE Mentorship program, LA Promise Fund, The Intern Project (TIP), JUST Certification, and Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.



Who just hit their “double digit” birthday and has a decade of client wins to show for it? Intesa Communications Group! Founded in 2012, Intesa provides a place where the brightest, most trusted, and proven communications and government affairs pros could do their very best work for people and causes they believe in 

A member of and volunteer for the Downtown San Diego Partnership since its launch, Intesa’s award-winning project managers and strategists help organizations communicate and advocate with confidence in opportunity, challenge, or crisis. Over the years, Intesa’s team has served as the sought-after advisors, go-to strategists, and reliable worker-bees for some of the most respected brands, leaders, nonprofits, regional projects, theme parks, and technology titans. From helping SDSU expand its campus to Mission Valley and supporting a first-of-its-kind migrant shelter with SBCS, to joyfully serving on many of San Diego’s non-profit boards of directors, the team is helping to shape San Diego for a better future in many ways. 

What’s their secret sauce? Intesa’s focus (and success!) is all about its people and culture. They are passionate about the work they do because they are advancing issues, causes, and goals that they believe in – from client service to community service. They are committed to doing good, well. They are present, take the time to build each other up, and deliver positive outcomes for their clients, colleagues, and communities. 

 Intesa’s unique culture values inspires its team to deliver an excellent work product, every day. They’re proud of their impact, and they have a lot of fun doing it. This includes maintaining a manageable, flexible work-life balance that gives space for the important things in life — like family — to be prioritized. They also host amazing annual retreats and creative scavenger hunts while encouraging volunteer work and community commitments.  

 When they’re not working, you can find them volunteering with the USS Midway Museum or the YMCA of San Diego County, among many other organizations, while attending kids baseball and volleyball games, coaching and playing soccer, taking pups to dog parks, hiking and painting – see for yourself on their Instagram and Twitter.  

 Cheers to Intesa! We’re looking forward to celebrating their next ten years and more as they continue to be a force in San Diego and beyond. 


For 14 years, The Little Yoga Studio has been creating space for yoga to become more than just a physical practice. The studio is in the Cortez Hill area of Downtown in the historic El Cortez building. Female and immigrant owned husband and wife duo, Elisabeth and Jean Paul Schwarz are committed to making a difference in their community.

At The Little Yoga Studio, yoga becomes a method of healing both physically and emotionally. A variety of classes are offered such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, FlowLIFT, Yin, Reiki, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Yoga en Español and Meditation to all fitness levels. No matter where you are in your yoga journey, the experienced instructors will help you connect mind, body, and spirit. The Little Yoga Studio offers community gatherings, teacher trainings and workshops to deepen your journey into yoga. All classes are small in capacity allowing instructors to personalize each class. The goal is to help you find the type of yoga that is right for you

The Little Yoga Studio assists businesses in committing to employee wellness. The Little Yoga Studio’s corporate wellness program is beneficial across all industries and builds comradery ensuring happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Corporate wellness is an investment not only in your staff, but in your company. This wellness program incentivizes team building, positive behavior, physical and mental activity, mitigates long term health costs and leads to long-term success that is beneficial company wide.

The Little Yoga Studio is devoted to providing a peaceful, friendly atmosphere that meets the individual needs of every student and optimizes each student’s journey in the practice of yoga. Yoga can be a powerful tool for personal transformation. Regardless of age, race, gender, body type or fitness level, anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga. All are welcome in this safe and loving space.





Nationally recognized Top 10 hospitality and entertainment design firm, HBG Design, is celebrating its sixth year in San Diego. Headquartered in Memphis, TN, HBG Design established its downtown San Diego office in 2016; now located at 707 Broadway, just steps from the Gaslamp Quarter, East Village and the Central Business District. With 100 design professionals across three locations, including a new Dallas office, HBG serves a range of clients regionally, nationally and internationally.  

Principal Joe Baruffaldi, AIA, leads the San Diego office’s architecture and interior design team with a focus on building client and team engagement. “Everything we do at HBG Design is centered on the idea of designing experience,” says Baruffaldi. “Our team is actively engaged in meaningful interaction with our clients, associates, and with each other. Whether we’re designing a memorable place-making experience or supporting one another through a transformative career experience, we’re passionate about what we do, and that kind of enthusiasm is contagious.”  

Designing in the hospitality and entertainment sector creates distinctive opportunities to connect hotel and resort guests with meaningful experiences, giving greater purpose in an increasingly competitive market sector. Many of HBG’s recent hotel and resort projects, including the first Caption by Hyatt Hotel to be designed and built in the world, are gravitating toward celebrating an authentic sense of place, grounded in the community where the project is located. “Our creative team finds ways to visually communicate a true sense of place, that drives what is important to the heart of a city, a community, or a Tribal nation – just as we have done for over 40 Sovereign Nations, including 20 Nations in California alone,” adds Baruffaldi. 

HBG Design has been working with clients in San Diego County since 2005 delivering vibrant upscale amenities to regional hospitality guests, including the $226+ million expansion and renovation of Sycuan Casino Resort. The San Diego office is engaged in hospitality design projects spanning the west with current projects in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and New Mexico.  

Baruffaldi also shares that office culture is a key reason why HBG San Diego has thrived. “Collaboration, engagement, training, and development of staff has been enhanced in our return to the post-COVID office,” he says. “We actively promote a harmonious blending of work and life; and build camaraderie, recognition, leadership opportunities, process improvement, peer mentoring, authenticity, and inclusivity into every HBG employee’s career journey.”  

“Supporting our San Diego community and exploring a variety of outside activities together also helps make us a stronger, more dynamic organization” adds Baruffaldi.  

As part of the firm’s ‘Creating Impact Outreach Initiative’, HBG San Diego partnered with Fred Finch Youth Center to create and implement a master beautification plan for their Lemon Grove, CA, residential treatment campus. “Our team was very hands-on in the planting and landscaping process to revitalize the Fred Finch grounds as a communal gathering space,” says Baruffaldi, “that’s what our San Diego office is truly about: immersive design and learning experiences that enhance relationships and service to one another.” 


JCJ Architecture embraces the roots of our 87-year architecture, master planning and interior design practice, proudly celebrating the challenges, potential and opportunities that are yet to come. Our 100% Employee-Owned firm is supported by a business framework that gives freedom to creativity and supports our sense of purpose.

With a portfolio based in hospitality, mixed-use, higher-education, K12-education, community, public safety, historic restoration, and adaptive reuse, JCJ has built a practice that unifies the art and business of design. We are proud to represent a multitude of private clients alongside a range of public institutions, community organizations and Tribal Nations. Having worked with Native American Communities over the last 30 years, our clients include over 80 Nations, and our portfolio has expanded from gaming and hospitality to include public safety, Tribal admin, education, wellness and cultural center projects. This diversity in client and project types has enabled us to create spaces that positively impact the built environment in Southern California and beyond.

With 150 Employee-Owners, spanning 7 offices throughout the US (San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tulsa, Hartford, Boston and New York City), our San Diego office offers a local team with the support of a national network of planning, design and management expertise. JCJ proudly collaborates with local Developers, Owner’s Representatives, Contactors and Consultants to provide each client with maximum quality in design and project delivery. As the A/E/C industry continues to grow and transform – taking on the many challenges of our contemporary world – we evolve our practice, embrace multiple-modes of collaboration ­­and leverage design to enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed.

Locally, we are helping San Diego-Tijuana live up to its reputation as the first bi-national Design Capital by WDO. We are proud partners with the Downtown Partnership, CREW, AIA San Diego, CNIGA and ULI. We have partnered with local clients such as Balboa Park, San Diego Unified School District, the County of San Diego, San Diego State University, University of Southern California, Cal Baptist University, Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians, Carlsbad by the Sea, Hilton Bayfront, US Grant Hotel and beyond. The depth of our local, regional and national portfolio is a direct result of each employee-owners commitment to outstanding design, documentation, management, and client service.

Rooted in this deep 87-year history and embracing the 21st century, JCJ’s team is consistently growing and developing. In recent years we have been ranked: Top Hotel Design Firm by Hotel Management in 2021; #2 Top Casino Architecture by BD+C in 2021; and #4 in Hospitality Architecture by BD+C in 2020. In addition to these acknowledgements, we support JEDI principles (just, equitable, diverse, inclusive) in the workplace and offer a range of benefits, including an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, hybrid-work options, pay-for-performance philosophy, and a local team with nation-wide design and documentation support. We believe that multiple perspectives bring creative solutions and seek to support a workplace where employees feel respected, valued, and empowered.



As extraordinary drought and climate change threaten water resources across the West, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is adapting to the needs of the region, ensuring residents and businesses have the water they need, today and for future generations.  

That’s what Metropolitan has always done – looked decades ahead to plan for reliable and safe water supplies for the region. In 1928, Metropolitan was born out of the spirit of innovation when it was formed to build the Colorado River Aqueduct to bring a new source of water hundreds of miles across the desert to a growing Southern California. In the 1970s, the agency began contracting for water on the State Water Project from Northern California to diversify the Southland’s supplies. 

Today, Metropolitan has adopted a One Water approach that reduces dependence on imported supplies, expands local and drought resistant supplies by integrating smart water management into its infrastructure and embraces innovation by exploring new solutions.  


Since 1990, Metropolitan has invested in $840 million in local resource and conservation programs, yielding nearly 3 million acre-feet of water savings (an acre-foot is 326,000 gallons, enough to serve about three typical Southern California homes for a year).  

Among the local supply projects Metropolitan has supported is San Diego’s Pure Water recycling facility program, which takes cleaned wastewater from San Diego’s North City Water Reclamation Plant and purifies it with advanced treatment processes such as ozone, biological activated carbon filters, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection and advanced oxidation. The purified water will be used to help fill San Diego’s Miramar Reservoir to produce up to 33,600 acre-feet a year. 

For the first time in its history, Metropolitan is also embarking on its own local water recycling  project in partnership with Los Angeles Sanitation Districts – Pure Water Southern California. Currently in the environmental planning phase, the advanced treatment facility would produce about 150 million gallons of purified water per day, enough to serve about 1.5 million households. 


By listening to all voices and ideas, balancing needs with realistic solutions, Metropolitan seeks to work collaboratively with everyone throughout the region to be part of the solution to Southern California’s water challenges.  

For more information about Metropolitan and these initiatives, visit or follow Metropolitan on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram at @mwdh2o.  

Southwest Strategies is a leading public affairs, outreach and strategic communications firm that provides full-service guidance and support for a wide array of public affairs needs. With locations in San Diego, Central Valley and the Bay Area, Southwest Strategies serves California’s biggest industries by providing large-scale creative strategies to help solve the complex issues that our clients face every day.   

Since its founding in 2000, Southwest Strategies has been a valued member of the San Diego, Central Valley, and Bay Area communities. With an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from the San Diego Association of Governments to San Diego Gas & Electric, our team has an in-depth understanding of working with local stakeholders. Our organization has worked to coordinate and conduct multi-faceted research programs and developed consistent, strategic messaging to guide all related materials.   

Headquartered in the heart of Downtown San Diego, Southwest Strategies is dedicated to the betterment of the community. Last year, Southwest Strategies partnered with the Padres and Tishman Speyer to promote a project featuring a combination of new assets in our native East Village, including affordable housing, parking, office and open space.  

From government relations to crisis management to graphic design, Southwest Strategies prides itself on our comprehensive expertise and capabilities. We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals by leveraging an extensive network of elected leaders, communicating directly with the public sector, and providing prompt, effective responses to mitigate potential damages.  

Additionally, our in-house design team supports our clients through expert visual communications tactics to educate and inform their target audience. Our experienced and imaginative graphic designers translate technical information into engaging print and digital materials that are innovative and elegant.   

Above all, Southwest Strategies is deeply committed to bettering the lives of Californians through a variety of land development, water, energy and transportation initiatives. Our clients strive to improve the quality of life throughout the state of California and beyond by providing increased connectivity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting our coasts from erosion and projected sea level rise.  

At Southwest Strategies, we understand that our work is crucial to helping clients achieve their goals of improving life in California, and we are proud to provide expert support, understanding, and materials to make their vision a reality.  

About Southwest Strategies 

Southwest Strategies is a nationally recognized public affairs agency specializing in public outreach and strategic communications for land development, water, energy, and transportation. With offices in San Diego, the Central Valley and the Bay Area, Southwest Strategies is one of the top communications firms in California. Through strategic planning, innovative communications and community partnerships, Southwest Strategies helps clients engage with local communities, navigate complex public affairs issues, overcome communication challenges, and achieve award-winning results. For more information, visit

To view available positions, visit

Contact Us 

San Diego: 858.541.7800   |  Central Valley: 559.271.6824 |   Bay Area: 925.266.3705 

Established in 2002, davisREED Construction Inc. is a San Diego-based general contractor providing both pre-construction and construction services throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, as well as client-targeted areas in the Southeast United States. With additional offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Palm Desert, and Napa, davisREED has deployed its expertise for over 20 years to become a value-driven general contractor with an impressive history, stunning portfolio, strong partnerships, and dedicated employees who are seen as the heart of the company. 

davisREED relies on talent and experience to service both private and public sectors featuring projects in hospitality, commercial office, public works, education, mixed-use and multi-family residential. With an extensive list of San Diego projects, they feel profound gratification and ownership in America’s finest city. davisREED has built inland to the coast from East County to Downtown and North County to the boarder. Some of its most recognizable projects in San Diego include the Pendry Hotel, Town & Country Resort, W San Diego, Kimpton Solamar Gaslamp, the Carte Hotel and the Guild Hotel. 

In addition to its successes in San Diego, davisREED continues to flourish up the West Coast, recently finishing Stanly Ranch Resort in Napa, the Godfrey Hotel in Los Angeles, the Hyatt Centric Marshall Hotel in Sacramento, and two affordable housing projects in Palm Desert with CHOC Housing.  


Town & Country Resort – San Diego, CA 


As they celebrate 20 years in business, davisREED believes they have thrived thus far by being a project-focused general contractor relying on innovation and creativity on all of their projects which has resulted in being an award-winning, sought-after general contractor. davisREED remains incredibly honored to continue to build memorable projects with amazing people throughout the West Coast. 

Carte Hotel San Diego Downtown – San Diego, CA (center left), The Guild Hotel – San Diego, CA (center top), Stanly Ranch Resort – Napa, CA (center bottom), Hyatt Centric Marshall Hotel – Sacramento, CA (center right)


As one of the West Coast’s premier general building contractors, Rudolph and Sletten has been setting trends and raising standards for well over half a century. Our firm has produced some of California’s most recognizable and iconic structures. Rudolph and Sletten prides itself on its approach to building—we build for everyone. That inclusivity is reflected in our client base and our internal workforce. A focus on increasing the diversity of our workforce and fostering an environment where individuality is encouraged also makes business sense. 

Rudolph and Sletten has been working as a team with designers and owners since our founding. Construction is a relationship, and the delivery method sets the guidelines for that relationship. We have completed more than 130 design-build projects and are an advocate for integrated project deliveries in the industry. We are familiar with traditional, collaborative, and progressive design-build delivery methods and have over 60 DBIA Professional or Associate credentialed project leaders. Our culture of lean thinking focuses on building better by reducing waste and maximizing the value to our clients.  

Our core values of client focus, integrity, passion for building, quality, safety, service, and technology, have been essential to construct award-winning work and cement lasting relationships with clients and partners, including the Department of General Services, Judicial Council of California, Sharp Healthcare, Scripps Healthcare, BioMed Realty, Johnson & Johnson, SeaWorld, Kaiser Permanente, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and USD, the UC and CSU University systems. Some notable projects we have completed in San Diego include the San Diego Symphony’s Rady Shell at Jacobs Park and Copley Hall Renovation, Southwestern Community College Performing Arts, BioMed Realty Apex 9775 Towne Centre Drive, USD Camino Founders Renovation, and UCSD Humanities & Social Sciences and JCC, San Diego Courthouse.  

Rudolph and Sletten has established the standard for delivering excellence in building for every project and delivery method, with all market segments including life sciences, higher education, technology, justice, entertainment and healthcare.  

Headquartered in San Carlos, Rudolph and Sletten has established a San Diego based regional office for 30 years.  

Check out our latest Projects and News as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts. Let’s Build. . . . . .San Diego! Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next project at 619.432.0122


As members of the San Diego community, Hensel Phelps takes pride in building legacy projects that serve our friends’ and neighbors’ needs now more than ever before. Our projects demonstrate a commitment to job creation and other economic and non-economic benefits that help America’s Finest City. We will continue supporting the San Diego community on this mission by mentoring and supporting local businesses and giving back through charitable events and activities. 

At Hensel Phelps, we know that diversity brings strength, innovation, and flexibility to our supply base and provides gratification to our customers and communities where we live and work. Hensel Phelps has been continuously awarded the National Diversity Excellence Award from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. This award recognizes members that display exemplary diversity leadership within their company, workforce, supply chain, and community through best-in-class recruitment policies, retention practices, and training and mentoring programs. Additionally, Hensel Phelps was awarded the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence from the U.S. Small Business Administration several years in a row. This accolade further solidifies our pride and commitment to utilizing the skills and technologies available within the community of small and diverse businesses. We recognize the efforts received from small community businesses are vital to maintaining our position as a premier general contractor in the industry. Therefore, our commitment to socio-economic partners is a bottom-line business decision and is a customer-driven component of our corporate strategy. 

As one of the Top 100 Green Buildings Contractors, Hensel Phelps employs environmentally conscious procedures, including solar energy systems, biofuels, geothermal technology, and wind energy systems. With 305 LEED Accredited staff nationwide, we have built over 274 LEED Certified projects, ranging from Certified to Platinum. As standard practices, construction waste on Hensel Phelps job sites is sorted, recycled, and diverted from landfills to the greatest extent possible. Lower-emission company vehicles are replacing less efficient models. For every project, careful planning takes place before performing work to ensure that sustainability is incorporated into every operation, including locally produced materials, reducing transportation expenses and pollution. Hensel Phelps not only strives to leave a legacy one landmark at a time but to do so in a way that protects and enhances local communities, major cities, and the nation as a whole. 

As members of the San Diego community, Hensel Phelps takes pride in building legacy projects that serve our friends’ and neighbors’ needs now more than ever before. Our projects demonstrate a commitment to job creation and other economic and non-economic benefits that help America’s Finest City. We will continue supporting the San Diego community on this mission by mentoring and supporting local businesses and giving back through charitable events and activities. 

At Hensel Phelps, we know that diversity brings strength, innovation, and flexibility to our supply base and provides gratification to our customers and communities where we live and work. Hensel Phelps has been continuously awarded the National Diversity Excellence Award from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. This award recognizes members that display exemplary diversity leadership within their company, workforce, supply chain, and community through best-in-class recruitment policies, retention practices, and training and mentoring programs. Additionally, Hensel Phelps was awarded the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Excellence from the U.S. Small Business Administration several years in a row. This accolade further solidifies our pride and commitment to utilizing the skills and technologies available within the community of small and diverse businesses. We recognize the efforts received from small community businesses are vital to maintaining our position as a premier general contractor in the industry. Therefore, our commitment to socio-economic partners is a bottom-line business decision and is a customer-driven component of our corporate strategy. 

As one of the Top 100 Green Buildings Contractors, Hensel Phelps employs environmentally conscious procedures, including solar energy systems, biofuels, geothermal technology, and wind energy systems. With 305 LEED Accredited staff nationwide, we have built over 274 LEED Certified projects, ranging from Certified to Platinum. As standard practices, construction waste on Hensel Phelps job sites is sorted, recycled, and diverted from landfills to the greatest extent possible. Lower-emission company vehicles are replacing less efficient models. For every project, careful planning takes place before performing work to ensure that sustainability is incorporated into every operation, including locally produced materials, reducing transportation expenses and pollution. Hensel Phelps not only strives to leave a legacy one landmark at a time but to do so in a way that protects and enhances local communities, major cities, and the nation as a whole. 


Katz & Associates (K&A) specializes in strategic communication, public involvement and community relations to advance essential projects. Our firm is composed of nationally recognized public outreach experts in water resources, transportation, environmental planning, private sector development and land-use.  

Most K&A clients are public entities implementing large infrastructure and environmental initiatives. We also work with private developers seeking to entitle and build housing or commercial projects, and with organizations and groups planning major civic or community events. 

Founded in 1986, K&A is a certified small and woman-owned business enterprise. We are headquartered in San Diego, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco and a statewide team of more than 35 professionals. We have supported projects across the U.S. and internationally, working with special districts, municipalities, privately owned utilities, local, state and federal agencies and regional coalitions. 

 Our mission is to help people communicate effectively about things that matter, and recently we were able to continue fulfilling our mission by supporting the Downtown San Diego Partnership as it highlighted Downtown San Diego for its resiliency and opportunities.  

K&A had the privilege of being tasked with generating local and national awareness for the 2021 Downtown Demographics Study. To announce these findings, we created strategic key messages, built a targeted local and national media list, crafted a media alert and press release, distributed all materials, coordinated a press conference for the below speakers and local media to highlight the important information and what it means for Downtown San Diegans and beyond. 

  • Betsy Brennan, president & CEO for the Downtown San Diego Partnership 

  • Christina Bibler, Economic Development Director for the City of San Diego 

  • Mark Cafferty, president and CEO of EDC 

  • San Diego City Councilmember Stephen Whitburn  

Our earned media results on the press conference were strong. We secured five local TV stations on-site to cover and secured more than 14 local and national media features highlighting the study. One of the client’s favorites is highlighted below. 

 To learn more about K&A, visit 


Allied Universal®, a leading security and facility services company, provides proactive security services and cutting-edge smart technology to deliver tailored, integrated security solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business.  

At Allied Universal, we believe there is no greater purpose than serving and safeguarding customers, communities, and people in today’s world. We also believe in investing locally. That is why we employ over 3,500 individual members of the San Diego community, keeping over 450 local businesses safe. Allied Universal is entirely structured to support our local operations, ensuring the resources and benefits are focused where they are needed most: with our customers and security professionals. With San Diego-based operations and resources, you can trust Allied Universal to be There for you®, keeping businesses, neighborhoods, and people safe so our San Diego community can thrive. 

For more information, visit 


Latitude 33 Planning & Engineering Takes on Region’s High-Profile Projects

Founded in 1993, Latitude 33 Planning & Engineering offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to planning and design to assist public agencies, developers, and property owners.  Currently undertaking some of the region’s most significant and highest-profile projects, Latitude 33’s services include public sector planning, land use planning, public outreach, entitlement services, civil engineering design, and surveying/mapping. 

Latitude 33 has a broad expertise, including life sciences, residential, education, healthcare, military, commercial/retail, civic, hospitality, and design-build projects.  With such diverse capabilities, Latitude 33 has become one of San Diego’s most in-demand engineering firms.  Last year, Latitude 33 experienced a 70 percent increase in gross revenue, as well as a 50 percent increase in staff size.  Currently, many of the firm’s largest projects are in and around the downtown region. 

San Diego International Airport New T1
Partners: Airport Authority, Gensler, Turner Construction, Flatiron Corporation, Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA), Kleinfelder, Syska
Latitude 33 Services: Site components including utilities, on-grade roadways, and grading

Perhaps the region’s most broadly impactful development is the San Diego International Airport’s New T1.  This $3.4 billion project will replace and expand the aging Terminal 1 with 11 new gates, bringing the total to 30 gates.  The redevelopment includes roadway improvements, a parking plaza with more than 5,000 stalls, a ground transportation plaza, new security checkpoints, restaurants, shops, and seating.  Latitude 33 is leading the site components, including utilities, grading, and on-grade roadways.  The project broke ground December 13, 2021.

UC San Diego Hillcrest Medical Campus Redevelopment
Partners: UC San Diego, CRTKL, DPR, Glumac
Latitude 33 Services: Master planning the site, grading, utilities, and water, sewer, and storm drain requirements

Latitude 33 is also currently working on the UC San Diego Hillcrest Medical Campus Redevelopment.  This ambitious development will rebuild roughly 34 acres of the 62-acre site.  Estimated to take 15 years and with five (5) major phases, the $2.5 – $3 billion project includes inpatient and outpatient medical facilities, a wellness center, residential homes, mixed-use amenities, parking, and open space.  Latitude 33 assisted with master planning the site, including grading, utilities, and water, sewer, and storm drain requirements.  Phase 1 is currently underway.

County of San Diego Youth Transition Campus
Partners: County of San Diego, Balfour Beatty, DLR Architects, Schmidt Design Group, LLG, Syska
Latitude 33 Services: Civil design and survey services including design/topographic survey, biological mapping, demolition permit, grading & drainage design, private utilities, stormwater treatment design, public right-of-way improvement design to provide upgraded utility infrastructure & frontage enhancements, and construction staking services

One of Latitude 33’s most innovative projects is the Youth Transition Center for San Diego County.  Recently honored with an award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) San Diego Chapter, this development is intended to be a model for positive development and reorient the way we approach the rehabilitation of incarcerated youth.  Phase 1 entails adding approximately 131,000 sq. ft. of new buildings, over 300 parking stalls, four new housing facilities, and new campus amenities. The design emulates a residential campus with a secure environment, and aims to be a place where youth can grow and flourish. 

Carte Hotel San Diego
Partners: Pier Point Management, davisREED Construction, Tucker Sadler Architects
Latitude 33 Services: Final engineering services, assisted in obtaining discretionary permits, construction permits, construction documents, and parcel maps

One of Latitude 33’s recently completed downtown developments is the Carte Hotel San Diego Downtown.  This modern, 180,000-square-foot, 16-story, 246-room hotel is part of a larger, mixed-use development encompassing an entire city block in Little Italy. The Carte consists of guestrooms on 11 levels, a FIT Gym, pool, meeting rooms, and two levels of underground parking. Latitude 33 provided final engineering services, and assisted in obtaining discretionary permits, construction permits, construction documents, and parcel maps. The Carte Hotel opened in 2019, and the next phase of development on the block is currently in design.

Portside Pier
Partners: Port of San Diego, Brigantine, Tucker Sadler
Latitude 33 Services: Survey and boundary verification, utility and precise grading design, storm water quality measures

Latitude 33 also was instrumental in bringing the iconic Portside Pier to life.  The Portside Pier pays tribute to San Diego’s rich history as a fishing port, and adds a variety of dining options to San Diego’s waterfront including the Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar, Miguel’s, Ketch Brewing Tasting Deck, Top Sail Lounge, Ketch Grill & Taps, and Portside Coffee & Gelato Shop.  In addition, the public can enjoy panoramic views of San Diego Bay with free access to a second level perimeter walkway and a viewing deck that has tables and seating for up to 108 guests. There is also an expanded dock and dine to accommodate up to four vessels.  Latitude 33 provided survey and boundary verification, utility and precise grading design, and collaboration with the Port of San Diego to implement storm water quality measures on a very challenging site suspended above the San Diego Bay.

Aperture Del Mar
Partners: Gemdale USA; LPC West, Inc.
Latitude 33 Services: Entitlement and master planning, grading, stormwater, utility, and survey

Part of Latitude 33’s growing life science portfolio is Aperture Del Mar, the final piece of a 20+ year vision for the Pacific Highlands Ranch Community Master Plan.  The coastal campus will offer over 630,000 square feet in life science/office space and include a 6-story parking structure. Some of the on-site amenities include a café/restaurant, coffee shop, bike shop, fitness center, private patios, bocce court, garden lounge, event lawn, amphitheater, reading nooks, half basketball court, sand volleyball, dog park, and jogging trails.  Latitude 33 provided entitlement and master planning services as well as grading, stormwater, utility, and survey.  Phase 1 was completed in 2021. 

In addition to the above, a few of Latitude 33’s current and recent projects include:

For more information, visit:


Affirmed Housing Names Jimmy Silverwood As President

San Diego-headquartered Affirmed Housing, a leading provider of affordable housing throughout California, has appointed Jimmy Silverwood as President. Elevating from his role as Executive Vice President, Jimmy succeeds James “Jim” Silverwood, who retains his role as Chief Executive Officer. The transition supports the company’s plans for continued growth and commitment to delivering housing and care to the state’s vulnerable populations.

As President, Jimmy Silverwood leverages more than a decade of real estate and construction expertise to execute the company’s strategic vision and ensure seamless day-to-day operations. His efforts focus on Affirmed Housing’s impact, growth and culture, and he oversees all aspects of the company, including development and acquisition, asset management, finance and construction. Since he joined the leadership team, Affirmed Housing has experienced a 60% increase in overall production of homes in California, as well as a 150% increase in total funding secured for projects.

“Core to Affirmed Housing’s success is our culture and emphasis on teamwork and partnership. We are deeply committed to these values, which have led to our exponential growth and provided housing and care to thousands of families and individuals across California,” said Jimmy Silverwood. “Our leadership transition allows us to scale these principles as we grow our impact. Both our internal teams and our partners will benefit from this strategic approach. I am committed to advancing Jim’s vision and working with our internal teams, industry partners and stakeholders to boost California’s viability for the next 30 years.”

Affirmed Housing has experienced considerable growth throughout its nearly 30 years in business and has positioned itself as a leading resource for delivering highly functional, safe, affordable housing for families, veterans, seniors and people experiencing homelessness. The company has developed projects throughout Southern California and expanded its presence in Northern California. Pioneering supportive housing development, the company was an early advocate of Housing First methods that combine on-site social services with permanent, affordable rental homes. The holistic, data-driven approach of providing both housing and care helps break chronic homelessness cycles and serves as a platform from which residents can improve their quality of life and pursue personal goals. Among the company’s most notable projects are San Diego County’s first affordable high rise and first supportive housing development and Southern California’s first virtually net-zero affordable housing development.

About Affirmed Housing

Affirmed Housing is a leader in affordable, multifamily housing development, delivering safe, sustainable, high-quality communities for families, veterans, seniors and people experiencing homelessness. The company works with municipalities and private owners throughout California to promote housing stability and neighborhood well-being by leveraging deep expertise in public finance, low-income housing tax credits, and tax-exempt bond finance, as well as site selection, engineering, architecture, construction, relocation and marketing. Since 1992, Affirmed Housing has financed more than $2.5 billion in affordable and supportive development, with 5,500 units developed or under development in 70 communities. The company has offices in San Diego and San Jose. Visit:



C.W. Driver Companies is a premier builder serving California since 1919. In 2019, the historic company proudly celebrated its 100-year anniversary.  While the firm’s commitment to quality and customer service has not changed over the years, they have successfully adapted to the changes in construction methods, technology, and building complexity that have occurred over time. This includes established expertise in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and sustainable building practices. This expertise and adaptability enable their teams to better coordinate with the client, architect, and subconsultants on each of their projects, resulting in on-time, on-budget project delivery. C.W. Driver Cos. also offers a range of construction delivery options, including general contracting, design/build, and construction management, enabling them to continue to serve their long-standing clients as their legal and financial needs change. Additionally, C.W. Driver Cos. has the ability to build a variety of projects, from large tenant improvements to small renovations and specialized projects through its affiliates Driver SPG and Good & Roberts. 

Because C.W. Driver Cos. focuses on quality, technology, and project delivery, they have executed projects in a broad range of market sectors, including education, commercial office, technology, biomedical/life sciences, residential, mixed-use, assisted living, hospitality/gaming, entertainment, retail, industrial and civic. Their clients trust them with their most important projects, including iconic landmarks, treasured historical buildings, and occupied campuses. Their clients are confident that a project contracted with C.W. Driver Cos. will be closely supervised, clean, safe, and efficient.    


C.W. Driver Cos. has adopted a regional approach with Los Angeles, Anaheim, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Diego offices. This way, they can establish local knowledge relating to subcontractors, cost trends, agency requirements, and the labor force; fundamental information enables them to pass on value and excellent service to their clients. 


For more information, please visit 


On February 11, 1992, at 8:30 a.m., the Jeffrey W. Cavignac Insurance Brokerage (JWCIB) was founded. It was a one-person shop. There was no staff. No clients. But there was a vision and plan.  

The vision is a community where every business is protected from risk. The plan is to take a holistic approach to risk management driven by sophisticated industry insight. Then help our clients navigate an uncertain world with comprehensive risk management solutions. All to ensure they better understand the present so they can have confidence in the future. 30 years later we have grown into one of the largest independent and locally owned agencies in Southern California. 

This success is credited to our team members. It’s why our focus has and always will be on giving them the resources and independence to: 

  • Belong: We emphasize culture and encourage collaboration. We work in a supportive work environment where you know your teammates have got your back.  
  • Give: We believe community engagement is an integral part of a fulfilling career. We’re always looking for new ways to give back to the place where we live and work.  
  • Grow: The only thing more important than our clients futures are the futures of our team members. We invest a significant amount of time and resources on employee education.  
  • Thrive: Comprehensive health insurance, 401k matching, profit sharing, team events, competitive PTO, all staff and individual bonuses – we give our team the benefits they need to live their best life.  

The company has also had the privilege of being recognized for its culture…  

  • Best Places to Work in San Diego: 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021 
  • Best Places to Work in Insurance: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 
  • U.S. Business Insurance: #2 Best Place To Work in the Country 
  • Reagan Consulting: #1 Insurance Agency in the Country (Revenue: $10-$25M) 
  • Reagan’s Best Practices Agency: 21 Consecutive Years (1999 – 2021) 

We’d like to thank all of our team members, clients, partners, friends and family that have helped Cavignac get to where it is today. We look forward to many more years of delivering confidence and clarity to the business community by providing knowledge-based risk management solutions and an exceptional client experience. 

You can learn more about Cavignac here



Pacific Southwest Structures, Inc. cements its position as San Diego’s most trusted concrete construction partner 

With key roles in IQHQ’s RaDD Project and the new SDSU stadium, 27-year-old PSSI provides the foundation for many of San Diego’s most high-profile development projects  

Veteran San Diego concrete construction company Pacific Southwest Structures, Inc. (PSSI) recently celebrated its 27th year in business with over 2.7 million yards of concrete poured, cementing its status as a leading trade partner in the Southern California commercial construction market and a key player in Downtown San Diego’s ongoing commercial development. Most recently, PSSI partnered with Turner Construction on IQHQ’s high-profile Research and Development District project (RaDD), an 8-acre life sciences hub in Downtown San Diego that has emerged as the largest urban commercial waterfront site in California.   

PSSI has executed 19 mat slab pours totaling 35,000 yards of concrete for the RaDD project, which is currently in the structural stages. PSSI has worked closely with Turner, coordinating with the design team to stay on schedule and budget. Some of its other more recent and notable Downtown San Diego projects include the Horton Plaza Redevelopment, Petco Park’s Holiday Bowl renovations and the San Diego Symphony Hall renovations.  

“PSSI differentiates itself by serving as a true partner to our clients,” says Dan Fitzgerald, president of PSSI. “PSSI has, and strives to maintain, a reputation of placing project and client needs first, if you place the needs of the project first, everything else is manageable. PSSI has been a fixture in the San Diego market for almost 30 years and we are proud to have partnered with clients that are helping to advance San Diego’s growth and prosperity.”  

PSSI is also deeply committed to innovation. On San Diego State University’s Snapdragon Stadium project, PSSI recently worked with Clark Construction Group and global building materials company CEMEX to design concrete mixes that would meet the stadium’s sustainability needs and help reduce CO2 emissions while still maintaining strength and durability.   

“Innovation is a central tenet of our business,” says James Simpson, COO of PSSI. “We are constantly looking at ways we can level up and create extraordinary structures that will both enhance people’s lives and stand the test of time.”  

About Pacific Southwest Structures, Inc. (PSSI)  
Whether it is the offices, laboratories and classrooms where we work and learn, the hospitals that keep us healthy or the museums and zoos where we create family memories, PSSI’s structures have been an essential part of life in Southern California since 1995. Punctuating the skylines of the region, PSSI’s projects encompass virtually all industries, designs and functions. Our unrivaled experience, commitment to quality while staying on schedule and budget and dedication to innovation serves as the foundation of our business. Whether we’re completing structural and architectural concrete, executing seismic retrofits or working with design teams to ensure feasibility, PSSI has been the trusted concrete construction partner of general contractors, public agencies and private developers for almost 30 years. For more information, visit 


Dealy Development, Inc. (DDI) is a leading full-service real estate developer and development management firm founded in 1992 in San Diego, California by President & CEO Perry M. Dealy. Our extensive experience and expertise includes large-scale, hotel, office, lab, and mixed-use development complexes, within both the private and public sectors. 

 As highly successful industry professionals, we provide expert guidance throughout the real estate development process, delivering on foundational due diligence work, entitlement processes, oversight and occupancy certifications, to position projects for success throughout pre-development and the complete development process. 

 With over 47 years of comprehensive real estate development experience, Perry Dealy and DDI, have successfully entitled over $6 billion of project value, of which, over $3 billion have been implemented to date. We leverage our extensive real estate development network and perform with integrity for our clients to successfully take each development project from concept, through planning and execution, to completion. 

 Since its founding, DDI has been responsible for project pre-development, master planning, entitlement phase, overall project implementation and completion for several of San Diego’s highest profile projects, including:  

  • Expansion of the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego 
  • Wells Fargo Plaza 
  • Entitlement and development for Phase II & III of the San Diego Convention Center Expansion 
  • San Diego International Airport Master Plan and West Terminal Expansion 
  • Navy Headquarters 
         Navy Headquarters (Project Executive)                     Wells Fargo Plaza (VP Development) 

In addition, DDI continues the development and construction management of the former Navy Broadway Complex on San Diego’s downtown waterfront as the Research and Development District (RaDD) for IQHQ REIT – one of the most significant redevelopments currently underway in downtown San Diego.  

Mr. Dealy’s fingerprints are found not only on the physical structures and spaces in downtown; he has an extensive history of community activism and civic engagement. He takes tremendous pride in having helped merge San Diegans, Inc. and Central City Association into the Downtown San Diego Partnership and served as its first Chairman. He continues to serve the DSDP as a member of the Executive Committee.  He has twice served as President of Lambda Alpha International. He was former Chairman of The Lincoln Club for 2020.  He has also worked philanthropically for Promises to Kids, serving on their Board of Directors, as President of the San Diego Kidney Foundation, and on the Cabrillo National Park and San Diego River Park Boards. In these various roles, Mr. Dealy has helped inspire the philosophy and initiatives that continue to shape our downtown landscape and our city’s business environment. 

 After nearly half a century of planning, development, and civic engagement, DDI’s imprint on San Diego is undeniable.  Not only are many of San Diego’s most significant developments (past and future) under DDI management, the intangible qualities that make San Diego so great—the welcoming business environment, an engaged citizenship, and the thoughtful use of land—have been shaped by Mr. Dealy’s philosophies, passion and involvement.  Perry Dealy and DDI have worked diligently to create a bright, thriving future for new generations of San Diegans to enjoy, focusing on the revitalization and activation of downtown San Diego. 

                     San Diego Convention Center Expansion                                             Manchester Grand Hyatt Phase II Expansion


Prisoner Wine Dinner at Provisional Kitchen | Pendry San Diego

Thursday, May 19th | 6:30pm

Provisional has partnered with Napa Valley’s renowned Prisoner Wine Company to delight guests in an artisanal four-course dinner by Chef Brandon Sloan. A wine ambassador from The Prisoner will lead guests through each pour of wine, providing insights into the pairings of each expression from the vineyard.
Provisional is a stunning restaurant serving some of the best artisanal cuisine in the city, featuring favorites such as housemade pasta, woodfire-oven baked pizza and Italian-inspired entrées; our lively brunch features bottomless mimosas and seasonal creations. Al fresco dining is available.
Pendry San Diego is the debut property from Pendry Hotels & Resorts located in the city’s renowned Gaslamp Quarter. Pendry San Diego features 317 guest rooms, including 36 suites, with design and style that strikes a balance between modern and traditional, pairing classic Southern California influence with luxury programming and amenities. The hotel features a signature Spa Pendry and a collection of six unique restaurants and bars, highlighting some of the city’s most talented chefs and concepts. Guests can experience modern coastal cuisine at Lionfish; Southern California-inspired seasonal fare at Provisional Kitchen; light bites and poolside drinks at The Pool House; the perfect cocktail at Fifth & Rose; local craft beers at Nason’s Beer Hall; and an elevated nightlife experience at Oxford Social Club. Pendry San Diego is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ worldwide collection. For more information, follow @pendrysandiego or visit

Boretto + Merrill Consulting remains on the forefront of restoration and new development throughout San Diego. 

Colleen Boretto and Angela Merrill, the principals at Boretto + Merrill, have been furthering development in Downtown San Diego since 1998 working on major projects such as Petco Park, Omni Hotel, The Park @ Banker’s Hill, M2i, Doma, Broadway 655 and most recently entitling Broadway Block and completing 625 Broadway and 1836 Columbia Street.  In addition to Downtown, they have been on the renovation and new project team at the Hotel Del Coronado, spearheading Shore House Hotel and Convention Center, The Views restoration and remodel, North Parking Structure, Windsor Lawn and historic renovation of The Oxford Building, Laundry Building, Ice House Museum and Power Plant.

As Project Managers and Owner’s Representatives, Boretto + Merrill provides a full-service partnership opportunity for developers who want to supplement their staff or add expertise to their team.  Boretto + Merrill has nearly 25 years of experience working with City Staff and former Civic San Diego staff including multiple major entitlements, building permits, and substantial conformance reviews in and around Downtown San Diego. 

Recently, Boretto + Merrill have found their niche outside of residential development and have been working on a variety of historical renovation projects including the previously mentioned 625 Broadway, the Hotel Del Coronado (winner of the SOHO Historical Preservation for Commerical Building)  and multiple projects at Liberty Station.  Boretto + Merrill recently completed The Conrad Center for Performing Arts in La Jolla, a world class performance venue, new home to the La Jolla Music Society and recipient of The People’s Choice Orchid for San Diego

Boretto + Merrill is a Project and Construction Management firm that specializes in residential, commercial and hospitality projects including historical renovation. Focusing on dense urban areas, Boretto + Merrill offers expertise in project management, acquisition, entitlements, programming, estimating, value engineering, construction management and project close out. 

Why San Diego? Boretto + Merrill chose San Diego because San Diego offers one of the best urban platforms in the United States; an urban environment with perfect weather, immediately adjacent to a major port, and of course, international tacos.  

Boretto + Merrill is a woman owned business and is Caltrans DBE certified, City of San Diego SLBE Certified, and SBA certified. For additional information please visit

In addition to the above, current projects include: 

  • 4250 Oregon Street (82 unit mixed use Apartment in North Park) 
  • AZURIIK in National City (Mixed Use, Day Care and Affordable Development) 
  • XPO (21 townhomes in Banker’s Hill) 
  • Celsius I & II (119 apartments in in Lemon Grove) 
  • Liberty Station Tenant Improvements 
  • Azure (9 semi-custom homes in Encinitas) 


Superpedestrian serves San Diego with safer scooters and W-2 employees

Superpedestrian proudly serves San Diego with its bright yellow LINK by Superpedestrian e-scooters. Superpedestrian was recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022, and we pride ourselves on both our original technology and our partnerships with nearly 60 cities worldwide.

Downtown San Diego has been a key market for micromobility companies ever since the first wave of e-scooters arrived.  We are proud to have worked with the City of San Diego before launching our service to integrate ourselves into the transportation network and ensure compliance with local regulations – creating a better experience for everyone. Our approach has set a new standard for the industry: proving the value of safer, more sustainable scooters over disposable ones, the value of full-time employment with benefits over gig labor, and the value of partnering with cities to help them achieve their transportation goals.

Superpedestrian is a world leader in micromobility technology. Our patented Vehicle Intelligence system autonomously identifies, fixes, and flags tiny anomalies inside the scooter long before they become safety issues. Our investment in technology has created the safest, most reliable scooter in the industry. Now we’ve taken our safety promise to cities one step further by introducing technology to address pedestrian safety and reduce clutter.

Our Pedestrian Defense platform, available in select cities this year, uses technology to interact, in real-time, with the rider and the scooter itself to prevent unsafe sidewalk riding. This technology can also detect and correct a wide array of unsafe riding behavior, including wrong-way riding, swerving, and hard braking. It also enables precision parking to ensure riders only park in designated areas and avoid obstructing downtown sidewalks. With Pedestrian Defense, Superpedestrian leverages its technology to create safer sidewalks and encourage responsible riding in cities.

Superpedestrian is passionate about shaping the future of cities to be safe and accessible for all. We are excited to continue to serve San Diego’s residents and visitors with a safe, carbon-neutral alternative transportation solution. 


Experience Matchday with San Diego Loyal SC

San Diego Loyal SC (SD Loyal), San Diego’s USL Championship men’s professional soccer team, officially kicked off its third season with a 2-1 win in front of 5,014 fans at Torero Stadium this past Saturday. Coached by USMNT legend Landon Donovan, the club returns with a core group of players that helped SD Loyal reach its first ever playoff appearance last season in just its second year. Whether you’re a diehard soccer fanatic, casual fan, or an SD event seeker, experiencing a SD Loyal matchday is a must for your to-do list in 2022.

The energy and passion at an SD Loyal game at Torero Stadium is unmatched, pun intended. Whether its enjoying craft brews, tasting great local food or singing and chanting for 90 minutes with SD Loyal’s electric supporter groups (The Locals and Chavos de Loyal), an SD Loyal matchday experience stands alone. Plus, the soccer is intense, and action packed.

SD Loyal’s regular season runs from March through October with 17 home matches. This week, SD Loyal faces rival Sacramento Republic FC on Saturday, March 19 (7 p.m.) at Torero Stadium. The first 2,000 fans will receive a limited-edition SD Loyal scarf. In April, SD Loyal will host three home matches: a nationally televised match on ESPN Deportes on Sunday, April 3 (2 p.m.), First Responder’s Night on Saturday, April 9 (7 p.m.) and a huge match against two-time league champions Louisville City FC on Saturday, April 16 (7 p.m.).

2022 Single match tickets, Full Season Ticket Memberships, Half Season Ticket Memberships and Group Tickets are on sale now. Tickets start at just $15. To purchase, call (858) 465-GOAL or visit

For club news and updates, visit, download the official team app, and follow #SDLoyal on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Launched on June 19, 2019, San Diego Loyal SC is a men’s professional soccer team that competes in The USL Championship, one of the fastest-growing professional soccer leagues in the world. In just its second season in 2021, San Diego Loyal SC saw record crowds at Torero Stadium and secured a playoff spot for the first time in their short history. The club is led by Chairman Andrew Vassiliadis, the youngest principal owner in The USL Championship and Landon Donovan, one of the most decorated soccer players in the U.S. who serves as EVP and First Team Manager. Veteran soccer executive, Ricardo Campos, is serving as the club’s president. For more information, visit



Seamless Transition for New Emergency Ambulance Provider

For the first time in more than 20 years, the City of San Diego has welcomed a new provider for all 911 emergency ambulance calls. On November 27 at 8:00 a.m., Falck, a global provider of emergency medical services (EMS) and healthcare, completed a seamless transition to begin serving the city.

Since signing a contract with the City in June 2021, Falck has reached significant milestones by rapidly hiring a highly skilled first responder workforce, delivering 66 ambulances and bringing highly regarded EMS executive Jeff Behm to lead Falck San Diego as Managing Director.

Known as a dynamic leader, Behm has worked 35 years in EMS and has extensive experience managing large healthcare systems. In his former role as President and CEO of Monmouth Ocean Hospital Services
Corporation (MONOC) in New Jersey, Behm led a 14-hospital cooperative providing paramedic emergency medical and patient transport services for approximately 2.8 million people.

Falck remains committed to San Diegans by dedicating more resources to the City than previously provided. With more ambulances and personnel on the road, Falck aims to provide faster and more efficient service. As such, Falck tackled the global vehicle microchip shortage by securing 33 new
ambulances that are operating alongside Falck’s existing fleet of 33 to serve the City. An additional 33 new ambulances have already begun delivery and are entering service in San Diego, a process that is scheduled to be complete in Spring. Additionally, San Diegans can expect new power gurneys, advanced cardiac monitors, and automatic chest compression devices on all 66 ambulances.

While still in a transitional stage, Falck is working to overcome the most recent COVID-19 surge that is exacerbating hospital delays and sickness-related absences. Recently NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt reported that in Sacramento emergency ambulances are experiencing one hour-long delays to get
patients in the emergency room. However, Falck is experiencing much longer delays in San Diego. Despite these challenges, Falck’s emergency ambulance unit hours are increasing and response times in the community are improving. Falck is working with San Diego County and the San Diego Fire-Rescue
Department to implement mitigation measures. To ensure staffing remains at an acceptable level, Falck is providing competitive stipends, bonuses and additional support to its first responders. This progress was covered in the latest Union Tribune article, San Diego’s Transition to New Ambulance Provider
Going Well Despite COVID-19 Surge.

Immediately after beginning service, Falck continued prioritizing its commitments to the community by forming an inaugural Community Advisory Board to stay informed of the needs of San Diegans. Community leaders from across the city will begin meeting with Falck leadership on a quarterly basis to learn about the latest updates from the ambulance provider and share information regarding the needs of the communities they serve. By staying connected to the community, Falck aims to improve the health and well-being of all San Diegans through excellent and compassionate emergency medical care.

Falck team members and community leaders celebrating the first Falck ambulance to serve the City of San Diego on November 27, 2021.



Get ready, downtown San Diego… the area is about to come alive with San Diego’s Biggest Holiday Party – – the 43rd annual San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl!

For the first time, the annual SDCCU Holiday Bowl game kicks off at Petco Park, marking the first time ever any football game has ever been played in the home of the Padres . Game time is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 28 and it will be nationally televised on FOX. Two of the highest scoring teams in the country – the UCLA Bruins (8-4) and No. 18 NC State Wolfpack (9-3) – are set to provide the gridiron excitement that surely will live up to the local bowl’s legacy as America’s Most Exciting Bowl Game.  Joining the on-field entertainment will be the university marching bands, spectacular pregame and halftime shows, a tailgate party in Gallagher Square and other entertainment and amentities that will create the very best fan experience of any bowl game in the country.  Tickets are available, but going quickly.  Visit to secure seats for you and your organizations this holiday season. 

Downtown Holiday Bowl festivities get underway Monday night, December 27 with the Snapdragon Bowl Bash.  It begins at 5:00 p.m. with performances by the UCLA and NC State marching bands at the intersection of 5th and Market.  After the marching bands do their thing, two stages in the Gaslamp Quarter will feature live music and other entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.  The event is free for everyone. 

The evening also includes a concert inside Petco Park at Gallagher Square.  Four of the most iconic acts from the 1980s will take to the Sycuan stage, including A Flock of Seagulls (“I Ran”, “Space Age Love Song”), The English Beat (“Save It For Later”, “Mirror in the Bathroom”), Missing Persons (“Walking in LA”, “Destination Unknown”), and Taylor Dayne (“Tell It To My Heart”, “Love Will Lead You Back”). The university marching bands are also expected to perform. Gates open at 5:00 p.m.  Taylor Dayne is expected to get the show started at 5:40 p.m. Tickets for the concert are $40 and $55.  $5 from each ticket sold will be donated back to Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.  Tickets are available at

And don’t forget the annual Port of San Diego Holiday Bowl Parade presented by Kaiser Permanente.  The largest balloon parade in the country gets started at 10:00 a.m., game day morning along the bayfront on Harbor Drive.  The procession is filled with giant balloons, marching bands, floats, fun specialty units and Grand Marshal – San Diego Padres’ pitcher Joe Musgrove.  The event is televised locally and nationally via Bally’s Sports.  It’s free family entertainment at its finest!

Information and tickets for all SDCCU Holiday Bowl events can be found at


The San Diego Startup pioneering Chatbots-as-a-Service

BOTS is a startup based in San Diego looking to help companies integrate custom chatbots into their team. “Users want 24×7 support, meanwhile companies are more short-staffed than ever,” said Keren Douek, CEO and Founder of BOTS.

A chatbot is an A.I. greeter that pops up to assist users and answer questions, but can also handle a variety of tasks, like scheduling calls, leading demos, assisting with training, selling products, checking invoices, accepting payments, screening candidates, grabbing a live agent via chat…

The BOTS Platform offers the easiest way to build and script a sophisticated chatbot – or users can opt to upgrade and have the BOTS team build out a custom solution.

Building a chatbot with the BOTS platform requires no coding, and scripting is simplified with script templates, video tutorials, bot tours and troubleshooting, live agent support, and the BOTS platform’s proprietary Node Access for teaching a chatbot about a brand by simply answering questions to enable the chatbot to auto generate a script around the answers.

“By making the BOTS platform modular, with a core template that speaks to the most common user questions and nodes to activate other parts of a chatbot’s brain, we made it easy to customize chatbots at scale,” Douek said. “While other platforms are focused primarily on support use cases and a few key industries, like Healthcare, Telecom and Banking, we’re going after the outliers and scripting for all sorts of use cases. Our chatbots are helping with career training, health and wellness support, staffing, workout inspo, fashion consults, hotel reservations, tech support, cannabis recs, you name it. We love the process of learning the ins and outs of a company’s specific use cases and building a script around it.”

Users who select to have the BOTS team build a custom chatbot + live chat + Ai solution participate in an ideation process to explore use cases and learn all about the business, and brainstorm how a chatbot might best support the team. The BOTS team then delivers a completely custom Ai solution with a friendly chatbot front-end, and trains the team on the live-chat side of the platform.

BOTS chatbots are platform agnostic, meaning that they live wherever your brand lives, offering users a consistent experience interacting with your company. The chatbot can pop-up and interact with users on websites, Shopify pages, in apps, on socials, in Slack, via SMS; and installing the chatbot is as simple as pasting in a snippet of HTML code.

Build your own chatbot in minutes at, or ask Bridge Bot about having a custom Ai solution built for your brand!



SDSU’s Aztec Stadium Tops Out, Remains on Track for 2022 Grand Opening

SAN DIEGO, CA – The landscape at San Diego State University (SDSU) Mission Valley is rapidly evolving as construction progresses on the new state-of-the-art Aztec Stadium. On Wednesday,  July 14 Clark Construction Group joined SDSU leaders, city officials, and distinguished guests to celebrate topping out the multi-use stadium – one of San Diego’s most highly-anticipated projects. The topping out ceremony marks the completion of structural steel operations – a significant milestone achieved just 11 months after construction efforts began on site.

Designed as a hub for sports and entertainment, the new 35,000-capacity venue will provide a state-of-the-art home field for Aztec Football, as well as support professional and collegiate soccer, NCAA championship games, concerts, and other cultural events. The facility, which is designed to meet LEED® Gold certification, is a part of the first phase of SDSU Mission Valley, a vibrant, mixed-use, medium-density development that is transit-oriented, and expands the university’s educational, research, entrepreneurial, and technology transfer programs. SDSU Mission Valley will also include retail, housing, and the development of community parks and open space; it is projected to provide educational opportunities for up to 15,000 additional students and expand the university’s economic impact by an estimated $3 billion per year.

Clark Construction is leading design and construction efforts on the multi-purpose venue and nearby community river park, as well as performing site infrastructure improvements. Gensler Sports is the stadium project architect.

30,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured to support the 2,500 steel beams that shape the Aztec Stadium

“This is a thrilling milestone for the entire Aztec Stadium team,” said Albert Valdivia, Clark’s vice president in charge of construction operations for the project. “Despite an unprecedented year, our team and partners have risen to the challenge and moved stadium construction forward. Today’s ceremony is an opportunity to recognize the men and women helping us build for their dedication to their craft and to advancing this project safely during such an extraordinary time.”
During the project-wide celebration, craft workers and event attendees were treated to a special program involving SDSU President Adela de la Torre and San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. To conclude the occasion, ironworkers set the last of the venue’s 2,500 steel beams in place atop the stadium’s scoreboard.

The Clark team celebrates the last steel beam being set at Aztec Stadium

Among the largest active construction projects in San Diego County, the stadium and related Mission Valley sitework are playing an important role in the region’s economic recovery. On average, 300 craft workers – representing 15 different trade partners – are working on site daily and collectively putting in place nearly $8 million of work per month. Combined, the stadium, park, and site infrastructure projects are projected to provide jobs for nearly 6,500 construction workers. In aggregate, local firms have been awarded $250 million in construction contracts, including 35 San Diego-based businesses. Additionally, six percent of contracts have been awarded to certified veteran-owned companies.

Once complete, the year-round sports and entertainment complex is projected to host more than 300 events annually. The facility will showcase luxury suites, loge boxes, and club and priority seating, and boasts clean sightlines to ensure patrons have premium views from any location within the stadium. Moreover, the venue’s wide-open concourses are designed to create connectivity to the field. Signature design elements, such as the venue’s concourse level “neighborhoods”, designed to reflect the city’s diverse communities, and unique standing-room-only “piers” that jut out over stadium seating and conjure a coastal vibe, all combine to create a venue that is authentically San Diego.

Construction workers, project stakeholders, and event attendees signed the last steel beam before it was hoisted into place

“This is the culmination of four-plus years of work to get to this point, a stadium for San Diego State and the community. The athletic department, and the University as a whole, are excited that we have made it to this point and we are really looking forward to September 3 of next year,” said John David Wicker, director of intercollegiate athletics for SDSU. “For anyone that has driven by Mission Valley in the last couple of weeks they have seen the stadium come out of the ground as the steel structure has gone in for the upper decks on both sides. Kudos to all the volunteers out there, the community members, our alumni, but also the architects, the general contractor, all our various consultants and folks on campus that have worked hard to get us where we are today.”

Aztec Stadium is on schedule to debut during the Aztec Football season opener against the University of Arizona Wildcats in September 2022.


Clark Construction Group is one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in the United States. Since 1906, we have been transforming the ideas and visions of our clients into award winning projects. We build with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics, and deliver finished products that stand the test of time.

With a local office in downtown San Diego since 2009, Clark has become part of the fabric of the San Diego community, working closely with public and private partners to deliver some of the area’s most prominent structures. Downtown projects including Petco Park, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Pacific Beacon, and Marriott Hall pepper the San Diego landscape. Beyond the city limits, Clark has delivered Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital, San Ysidro Land Port of Entry, and multiple projects for UC San Diego and SDSU. Clark is also leading efforts to transform Mission Valley with the 160-acre SDSU Aztec Stadium Site Development program. When complete, the area will have a world-class 35,000 capacity stadium, 1.6 million square feet of innovation and research space, 4,600 units of housing, and more than 80 acres of parks and open space.

Clark’s growing local presence is a testament to our commitment to superior service and performance on each project –large or small. Clark is also passionate about making a difference in the community. We proudly support San Diego non-profit organizations like Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, Chelsea’s Light Foundation, and Father Joe’s Villages.

Follow along and learn more:

Click for Website

Click for Instagram | Click for Facebook | Click for LinkedIn


Stockdale Capital Partners Receives Esteemed WiredScore Platinum

Certification for Campus at Horton

Debuting in 2022, Campus at Horton is the First Development in San Diego to Earn Prestigious Best-in-Class Digital Connectivity Rating

SAN DIEGO (PRWEB) July 15, 2021 — Stockdale Capital Partners (“Stockdale”) today announced Campus at Horton, one of the largest adaptive reuse and urban mixed-use tech and life sciences campuses in the western United States, has received a WiredScore Platinum Certification, joining an elite group of best-in-class buildings around the world to achieve this prestigious rating. Campus at Horton is also the only real estate development in San Diego to be recognized with the coveted Platinum certification.

Wired Certification, developed by WiredScore, is the global standard for digital connectivity, measuring five key components of a building including master planning, infrastructure, services, monitoring and innovation. Campus at Horton achieved Platinum certification—the highest-awarded recognition—indicating the million-square-foot development spanning 10-acres in the heart of downtown San Diego meets exceptional standards for wired infrastructure, resilience, and wireless networks.

Campus at Horton was awarded the maximum number of points possible for various categories including telecommunications access, usage and planning; tenant backup power availability and space; in-building mobile enhancement infrastructure planning and riser planning.

”Stockdale Capital’s goal to achieve a WiredScore Platinum Certification for Campus at Horton demonstrates our commitment to providing future tenants with leading-edge digital connectivity positioning Campus at Horton to thrive as technology and our reliance on connectivity continues to rapidly evolve,” said Leo Divinsky, managing director at Stockdale Capital Partners. “We’re looking forward to delivering a project that will embrace and support the innovation ecosystem creating a true technology hub Downtown with best-inclass connectivity in one of America’s smartest cities.”

Campus at Horton will feature 700,000 square feet of well-amenitized tech and life sciences office and lab space along with 300,000 square feet of curated restaurants, entertainment, wellness and experiential retail—creating approximately 4,000 high-quality jobs in downtown San Diego. In addition to the WiredScore Platinum Certification, the development is targeting a LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its best-in-class sustainability initiatives as well as a WELL Platinum certification, the highest level of certification offered by the International WELL Building Institute recognizing spaces that advance human health and well-being.

About Stockdale Capital Partners Founded in 2010, Stockdale Capital Partners is a real estate investment firm focused on owning and acquiring assets in the western United States. The company is an owner-operator specializing in the redevelopment and repositioning of real estate assets in leading Southwest markets, with expertise in revitalizing urban properties of all types. Stockdale Capital Partners’ history of transforming failed shopping centers into desirable high-tech, mixed-use office hubs includes projects in Scottsdale and Los Angeles. For more information, visit

Contact Information

Marrissa Mallory
JPR for Campus at Horton
+1 619 255 7069

Leo Divinsky
Stockdale Capital Partners

San Diego Region is Drought-Safe This Summer
Strategic investments and water-use efficiency mean no shortages or mandates in forecast

Statewide drought conditions are highlighting the value of regionally and locally controlled water supplies in San Diego County, where the Water Authority has announced that the region is protected from drought impacts this summer despite continued hot and dry conditions.

While 50 California counties are under a state of emergency, three decades of strategic investments have created an aquatic safety net for San Diego County’s $253 billion economy and quality of life for 3.3 million residents. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted the role of San Diego’s regional water supply portfolio of investments in protecting the economy from drought.

“Thank you to San Diegans for everything you have done to make sure that we have enough water to meet the region’s needs now and for decades into the future,” said Gary Croucher, Water Authority Board Chair.  “You have invested through your water bills and your water-smart practices, and those efforts are paying off in tangible ways. The key this summer is to stay water-smart.”

 “The Water Authority strongly supports the governor’s call for the public to voluntarily cutback water use by 15% in order to maximize the availability of limited water supplies going forward, through the investment of state funding and implementation of other provisions of the Governor’s Proclamation of a State Emergency and Executive Order N-10-21 calling for water conservation,” said Sandra Kerl, Water Authority General Manager.

“We are working closely with our member agencies and with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California over the coming weeks and months to design and implement strategies to maximize water supply development in collaboration with Governor Newsom and state agencies, in order to protect California.”

Established in 1944, the Water Authority has been the regional water planning agency for nearly 80 years, sustaining the economy and the quality of life through its multi-decade water supply diversification plan, major infrastructure investments and forward-thinking policies that promote fiscal and environmental responsibility. These strategies have created a diversified water supply portfolio and new water facilities that will enhance the reliability of the region’s water supply for decades to come.

That wasn’t always the case. In the early 1990s, the county’s economy was crippled by drought, suffering 13 straight months of 31% supply cutbacks from the Water Authority’s wholesale water provider. At the time, the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California controlled almost all of San Diego County’s water supplies.

Today, the picture is much different: The region’s diversified water supply portfolio includes highly reliable, locally controlled and drought-proof supplies from the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant and the nation’s largest water conservation-and-transfer agreement, which provides high-priority, low-cost water from the Colorado River. The Water Authority’s 2020 Urban Water Management Plan shows the region will continue to have sufficient supplies through the 2045 planning horizon, even during multiple dry years.

“Our region’s economy and quality of life is brought to you by water,” said Croucher. “The Water Authority and its 24 member agencies are committed to providing the fundamental water resources that keep the region strong.”

For more information about water supplies in the San Diego region, go to

Strategic infrastructure investments, such as the San Vicente Dam, help provide an aquatic safety net in times of drought.


Bank of America Report Indicates Small Businesses Primed for Rebound

Findings & Tips for Region’s Business Owners

By Jorge Ceballos and Maria Anderson; SVPs of Small Business Banking, San Diego Bank of America  

Downtown San Diego is a vibrant and diverse community with more than 4,000 businesses, 35,000 residents and 80,000 employees who work there. It’s the number one space for innovation firms and startup growth in the region. In fact, 98% of San Diego firms are small businesses. Yet the pandemic spurred the closure of nearly 40 percent of those small businesses, which can largely be attributed to inability to quickly pivot online.  After a challenging year, San Diego’s small business community is starting to regain its footing.

New research from Bank of America shows business owners’ economic confidence and revenue expectations have bounced back significantly since last fall. We found that 60% of small businesses expect their revenue to increase over the next 12 months, and one-in-five plan to hire.

Yet, the journey to full recovery can be a long one. Bank of America small business bankers are ready to help business owners navigate the path forward with some key insights:  

Reevaluate Goals

Business owners took advantage of many resources and programs throughout the last year. While only 16% said they would seek financing in 2021, consider these strategies: 

  • Prioritize your business plan. Sit down with your small business banker to assess your business’ current situation and plan, and set realistic goals as your business’ recovery continues.
  • Explore resources.The Bank of America team wants to ensure small business owners have access to needed funding based on new goals that may require financing.

 Hiring New Talent 

Last year, businesses were forced to reevaluate their budgets and make tough decisions around headcount. Now more than ever, it’s important to ensure your business is attractive for top talent.  

  • Create an application that is easy to navigate.As more job opportunities become available, it’s important to create an application process that is quick and easy, but still screens for the right experience level. Make your application mobile-friendly, too.
  • Get everyone to recruit.Tapping into your current employee base can be one of the most powerful and cost-efficient strategies to find and recruit talent. Consider offering bonuses to staff who successfully refer new employees. 

 Operational Shifts  

Business owners adapted their business for the health and safety of their employees last year. As the economy reopens, 62% anticipate that the operational changes they made in response to the coronavirus will continue beyond the pandemic.   

  • Consider a digital transition. Businesses have adjusted aspects of their operations, changing primary revenue streams and shifting to online sales. As we continue to adjust, consider digital banking to limit in-person interactions and increase client convenience.
  • Proceed with purpose. If you are a part of the 53% of business owners who indicated they are committed to advocating for social change through their business, be sure to set clear and attainable goals. Consumers are sharp and will be able to tell the difference between platitudes and substance.

Overall, we’re seeing encouraging progress for the small business community across San Diego and we’re looking forward to helping business owners thrive in 2021 and beyond. 

Integrity. Diversity. Passion.

Creative Builds Corporation is a valued general contractor that also provides construction management services for public and private clients. The boutique firm has the highest customer satisfaction, based on project completion assessments. They provide services for owners and landlords.

They have built several marquee hospitality projects in San Diego. Their work includes several projects in Downtown that have helped revitalize certain areas and have provided a creative approach to how people live in the Downtown Community.  

Creative Builds has been in operation in San Diego since 2012 serving the US Navy, Fox Restaurant Concepts (The Henry’s and Flower Child), Port of San Diego, Protea Properties, US Air Force, General Services Administration, Army Corps of Engineers, Cross Border Express, Jacobs, Suja Juice, BNIM, MAC, Lennar, Fit San Diego, RMD Group, Kettner Exchange, IDS Real Estate, JLL/Seritage, CBRE, and Non-Profit San Diego based MAAC; amongst others.

Their strength lies in their diversity of ideas and combining those idea with a very technology-oriented management approach. This approach includes software, such as Procore and Sage 100; among other applications.

 Creative Builds is a valued client partner thanks to their proactive nature and ability to prioritize owners’ needs while creating a collaborative work environment for all project stakeholders.

With the recent completion of several projects for both federal agencies and private owners, Creative Builds has supported several agencies with the development and successful implementation of progressive design/build delivery. Due to this integrated approach, safety and quality are of the utmost importance and major areas of focus in every aspect of delivered projects.

Creative Builds is currently supporting local entrepreneurs in several projects in Downtown San Diego. They are also supporting several projects in southern California and Arizona supporting projects for Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Air Force, General Services Administration, and NAVFAC Southwest. Their involvement in all projects is a value-added and money/time-saving experience. Contact them for any project in your area. From a ROM Budget, Design/Build, or direct General Contractor services, Creative Builds got you covered!

Creative Builds has worked with clients in several Downtown projects that have revitalized certain areas, from East Village (Comun, Salvucci’s, Fit) to Little Italy (Kettner Exchange) to Coronado (The Henry) and La Jolla (Herringbone).  Regardless of the area, they can work together with you to create your next vision.

Rodolfo Farber is the President and Founder of Creative Builds. Rodolfo has managed a large amount of projects in California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. Rodolfo is a Civil Engineer that graduated from Mexico and attended UC Berkeley for his Masters in Construction Project Management.  Rodolfo attended the Stanford Entrepreneurship Initiative in December 2020 and collaborates, on a personal capacity, with the Latino Equity Council to promote equality in Prime Contracting and opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs in the San Diego area.


Collaborate. Innovate. Elevate.

OCMI, Inc. is a valued leader of quality management solutions for the built environment that takes ownership of a client’s needs and values their resources. They provide services for owners, contractors, and design professionals.

They have been in operation in San Diego since 1982 serving the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, Port of San Diego, San Diego Airport Authority, San Diego County Water Authority, City of Chula Vista, San Diego Unified School District, San Diego Community College District, San Diego State University, and the University of California, San Diego. Beyond San Diego, OCMI maintains their corporate headquarters in Irvine, with offices in Oakland, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas, Omaha, Charlotte, and Washington, DC. Their strength is in every aspect of program, project and construction management, cost and schedule control. OCMI is a valued client partner thanks to their proactive nature and ability to prioritize owners’ needs while creating a collaborative work environment for all project stakeholders.

With the recent completion of two simultaneously built fire stations for the City of Chula Vista, they supported the City with the development and successful implementation of progressive design/build delivery. Due to this integrated approach, both fire stations were completed early and under budget, allowing for funds to be returned to the City for future projects.


OCMI is currently supporting San Diego State University with owner’s representation services for the new $660 Million Aztec Football Stadium and Site Development in Mission Valley. Their involvement with the project began at the most conceptual levels and continues today. Future developments include P3 development opportunities such as an innovation campus, retail, residential, and a river park.


OCMI has been a contributing partner to SDSU’s $1 Billion Capital Improvement Program over the last 20 years. They have supported the successful completion of projects at over 100 campus facilities. OCMI provides expert cost, schedule, and construction services to improve campus development. Their efforts have led to the award of 8 Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) awards. In support of SDSU’s sustainability goals, OCMI has completed 6 LEED certified campus projects including the LEED Double Platinum Aztec Student Union, which is an honor bestowed on less than two dozen facilities around the world.

Neil Murphy is the Executive Vice President of OCMI and has managed Southern California and the firm’s CMPM operations for over 20 years. Neil has experience in all phases of the construction process with expertise in contract negotiation, contract administration, project quality control, budget constraints, and service as an owner’s representative. As an owner’s representative, he effectively communicates and manages projects efficiently and he is committed to providing the highest quality work by ensuring that quality control guidelines are met.


Alison Murphy has been a leader in the OCMI team on and off since 2005, delivering expertly written proposals and developing client relationships across multiple market sectors. As the Director of Business Development & Marketing, she oversees proposal development in 10 OCMI offices across the country. She manages personnel training, skill development, and assists in developing goals for the marketing team and ensures they are met.


City Wide Protection Services is proof that the American Dream is alive and thriving. City Wide Protection Services was founded by Tom Tamar, a refugee from Iran. Tamar arrived in California in 2003 and soon after began working at different corporations. He has always had a deep passion for his adopted country and wanted to give back by offering services that would help keep San Diego communities safe. Tamar put all the knowledge he had learned while working in the security industry into opening up City Wide Protection Services in 2012.

Since then, CWPS has grown from a one-man operation working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week for over a year into a company with over 200 employees. This was achieved by building the company with amazing teammates such as co-founders and fellow immigrants Lukas Zareba and Sam Malik. Since opening their doors in 2012, CWPS has become the largest privately owned security company in San Diego County, including the county’s largest patrol fleet with 34 vehicles. All this growth couldn’t have been achieved without CWPS’ amazing sales team consisting of Scott Staples, Robert Preciado and Thomas Henderson.

Tamar is committed to civic engagement to better understand how CWPS can meet the changing needs of the San Diego community. He serves as Vice-Chair for the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Downtown San Diego Partnership, California Rental Housing Association and at the Lincoln Club of San Diego. This commitment to the community has also resulted in several award recognitions including the Mark of Excellence 2017 Industry Partner/ Service Provider of the Year, 2020 third place Industry Partner of the Year, 2020 first place Industry Partner of the Year for Robert Preciado, and second place for Tom Tamar and Scott Staples for Industry Partner of the Year 2020. No matter what your needs are, City Wide Protection Services will be there to ensure your community, business or property is taken care of. And as always, “Serving with Integrity.”

City Wide Protection Services is proud to provide security services throughout San Diego County. They accommodate each customer’s needs by offering the flexibility of having onsite Security Officers, Vehicle Patrol or a mix of both, and responding quickly when action is needed. They offer a mix of armed and unarmed Security Officers to help secure residential or business properties. With the framework provided by Tamar and his team, they have been able to provide a sense of security for many communities throughout the county. Their best-in-industry vehicle patrol fleet was also the first in southern California to go green with eco-friendly Hybrid Ford Fusions and Explorers.

Along with the eco-friendly vehicle fleet, CWPS has also made strides in helping the environment by going paperless. Employees use an electronic reporting system to keep clients updated on the status of their properties. The system was built and developed by CWPS’ in-house I.T. department with the guidance of management staff, who have over 70 years of combined experience in the security industry. CWPS also maintains its own state of the art dispatching center that operates 24 hours a day. No matter the need they can dispatch an officer to service a property anywhere in the San Diego area.

City Wide Protection Services

9320 Willowgrove Ave. Ste. F | Santee, CA  92071

Tel: (619) 938-2333 | Fax:(619) 938-2341




Big mission, small budget? No problem. Intesa Communications Group proudly offers Seas the Day, a new suite of public relations (PR) packages designed to help small businesses and nonprofits make a splash with their news.

If you have a specific business goal, announcement, event, leadership change, or milestone on the horizon, Seas the Day gives you just the right amount of PR and media relations support, right when you need it. These four- and eight-week packages are delivered at a budget that works for you and are backed by Intesa’s award-winning team.

Intesa’s Seas the Day packages for small-to-medium-sized organizations include:

Make a Splash!

A four-week partnership — when all you need is an effective, one-time boost. This includes messaging strategy, one press release drafting and distribution, pitching/outreach to local media, communications planning, announcement timeline, and spokesperson media training.

Ride the Wave

An eight-week partnership — when you could use someone to help build momentum. Intesa takes PR to-do items off your plate while arming you with strategies, templates, and tactics to communicate with savvy and purpose long after our work together is complete. You’ll receive all the swell offerings of Make a Splash, plus a website performance audit, stakeholder relations strategies, and additional supportive communications collateral and trainings.

The best part: (besides the right-sized Seas the Day PR budgets) These packages drive results! From churches and b-corps, to long-standing nonprofits and COVID-prompted startups, our clients are as happy as clams and saying things like this:


“This is great service for all those times you think ‘if only I have some PR help on this one thing…’” – Mission Driven Finance

“Make a Splash was the perfect fit for the PR pieces and person-power we had no bandwidth for.” – First United Methodist Church of San Diego

We know that not everyone needs — nor can afford — an immersive PR engagement. Intesa is thrilled to offer these new time-bound, right-sized products that enable smaller organizations to dip a toe in the PR waters. And, as you’ve probably noticed, we’re also giddy about the endless opportunities to use water-related puns! 

Ready to dive in with Intesa? Contact Margie Newman at, or 619-995-3078.

Procopio’s Local Land Use Experts

Procopio’s Land Use Practice Group, led by Partner Justine Nielsen, represents local and national real estate developer and business clients providing a full range of services including land use analysis and due diligence, entitlement project management, CEQA regulatory compliance, lobbying and appearance at public hearings, land use & CEQA litigation, and post-approval implementation of entitlements.

Our specialized experience in zoning, land use, planning, entitlements, and CEQA for all product types including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and mixed-use projects, as well as project advocacy before local, regional and state agencies provide substantial benefit for our clients to navigate the entitlement process.

We also frequently represent developers and landowners in connection with disputes arising out of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the California Coastal Act, Subdivision Map Act, State Density Bonus issues, the Housing Accountability Act and other development issues unique to the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the Golden State.

Procopio’s Land Use Practice Group also provides land use planning specialists who can provide entitlement project management services, including coordination and management of the development team, preparation and coordination of permit application packages at the inception of a development project, through the entitlement process including coordination of public outreach, and negotiation with local, regional and state agency staff and decision makers, to defending hard-won project approvals in court. We frequently work as an integral part of development teams of architects, engineers, and other consultants to successfully implement our clients’ goals.

In addition to broad experience and legal and technical expertise in environmental and land use issues, our attorneys have trusted working relationships with regulators, key legislators, city officials, community activists, and non-governmental organizations—all of whom influence environmental and land use policy and enforcement.

Our Land Use attorneys are part of the firm’s robust Real Estate team. Procopio has had a real estate practice since its founding in downtown San Diego seventy-five years ago, and for the last several years we have been ranked the city’s largest law firm by The San Diego Business Journal. We’ll staff your needs efficiently and cost-effectively with a focus on your bottom line.


Union Bank is a full-service bank with a rich history of investing in our clients, communities and colleagues throughout the West Coast for more than 150 years. Union Bank provides a wide range of personal and business banking products as well as wealth management services. With more than 300 branches in California, Oregon and Washington, Union Bank remains committed to serving the needs of its local communities. As a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), one of the world’s largest financial institutions, Union Bank holds our clients’ best interests to heart and remains committed to investing in their success.

San Diego Downtown News readers selected Union Bank as best of downtown this past year.

Follow us on social: 


Regional Strategies Group (RSG) is a high-performance public affairs and marketing consultancy run by Tomas and Frank Urtasun. The firm’s focus is on helping our clients implement high-level public affairs strategies, modern digital media communication programs, outreach, coalition-building, and results-driven marketing and lead generation efforts.

Established in 2019, RSG is proud to work with local nonprofits, governmental, energy, agriculture, construction, development, and other private companies. Through strategic partnerships with leading land use, branding, and creative specialists, we offer a professionally coordinated, full-suite of services depending on each client’s needs.

RSG brings each engagement a personalized, family-run touch. We have over 40 years of experience in developing governmental and local stakeholder outreach programs supported by years of work in the community through Sempra, San Ysidro Health, and numerous local organizations. We treat each client with an individualized, nuanced personal approach to achieving their goals.
Authentic Connections. Actionable Strategies.

As 2021 begins, the need for a business to keep their facilities clean is essential. Whether it be residential communities, commercial buildings, restaurants or construction areas, City Wide Cleaning Services offers many cleaning service options that allow us to customize our clients’ experience. Some of those options are turnover cleaning, janitorial services, power washing, day porter services, window washing, housekeeping services, carpet cleaning and COVID-19 sanitization. City Wide Cleaning Services has humble beginnings, starting in San Diego.


We have grown from a small operation to now include an extensive list of clients. City Wide Cleaning Services (CWCS) began in 2018 and is a part of City Wide Group of Companies, which also include City Wide Protection Services. The company was founded by Hojjat Tom Tamar, Lukas Zareba and Sam Malik. City Wide Cleaning Services is headed by Executive Vice President, Sophie Rosado, and Operations Manager, Siria Tafoya.

Sophie Rosado – Executive Vice President

Siria Tafoya – Operations Manager

Sophie and Siria have over 45 years of experience of property management combined, of which includes time spent at Pinnacle Property Management and Valor Property Management. Sophie started with CWCS in May of 2020 and Siria joined our family shortly after, in September of 2020. As the pandemic grew, Sophie recognized the need to help others with cleaning and disinfecting needs and swiftly jumped to action.

City Wide Cleaning Services played a vital role during the 2020 pandemic. As more and more businesses cleaning needs changed, CWCS adapted to accommodate the large influx of COVID-19 related disinfections. We immediately began to contact our clients in an effort to bring them peace of mind. We held weekly Zoom calls and assisted our clients in transitioning and adapting to the new cleaning needs and State Guidelines. For City Wide Cleaning Services, it is critical that we look at what is changing within the cleaning industry to adapt to the ongoing pandemic.

We re-assessed how we were to serve our clients. We immediately changed our products to include additional disinfectants and sanitizing equipment. We added training and additional cleaning supplies. It is important that CWCS adapt to the new “normal” to give our clients what they need. We are proud that City Wide Cleaning Services is one of the very first in San Diego County to use innovative UV technologies that eliminates 99.9% of viruses.

City Wide Cleaning Services was recognized by the Southern California Rental Association in 2020 with the Mark of Excellence award for Industry Partner of the Year. We are also proud members of the Downtown San Diego Partnership, East County Chamber of commerce and the aforementioned Southern California Rental Housing Association. As 2020 closes and 2021 begins, City Wide Cleaning Services looks forward to catering to your cleaning and sanitation needs.

Falck is excited to share it has been selected by the City of San Diego to move forward in exclusive negotiations as the City’s chosen emergency ambulance provider! After two competitive bidding processes for a five-year contract, Falck looks forward to bringing an enhanced level of emergency medical services to residents.

With proven success in large California 911 systems, Falck brings both the expertise and resources to meet San Diego’s unique needs. Falck is the Southern California leader in EMS services representing 80% of EMS service in Orange County and 40% of EMS service in Los Angeles County. The company covers 911 EMS service in Southern California for a population exceeding 5 million. Falck has a historic record of providing unrivaled service to all its service regions.

With approximately 1.4 million residents, San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. Its 911 emergency ambulance calls total approximately 145,000 annually. As a world leader in emergency ambulance services, Falck is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of every San Diegan.

Falck’s leadership team has ties to San Diego and is excited to begin operations. Dannie Wurtz, the Director of Clinical Operations, is an alumna of Southwestern College and began her career in EMS as a paramedic in San Diego. She has led courses as an instructor at her alma mater and San Diego Miramar College. Even Falck USA’s CEO, Matt Gallagher, has roots in San Diego! The team looks forward to providing care for their hometown.

Falck gives back to its service communities and is already busy making an impact throughout the region. In September, Falck donated ambulances to both Southwestern College and San Diego Miramar College to enhance their accredited Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and paramedic programs. By investing in the education and development of the future EMT and paramedic workforce, Falck helps ensure that students are trained on the latest equipment and are prepared to address patients in the San Diego region after graduation.

In June, Falck contributed to several San Diego nonprofits aimed at tackling growing food insecurity in the region. In March, the Lundbeck Foundation, the majority owner of Falck, pledged $4.4 million toward research projects targeting the coronavirus outbreak. Falck’s move into San Diego will allow them to build and expand partnerships like these to support the city’s diverse communities.

Falck’s leadership team is looking forward to connecting with other members of the Downtown San Diego Partnership and additional organizations throughout the region. To learn more about Falck, visit their website and like their Facebook page for news about their recent and upcoming activities.

Work from Anywhere Trend Good for Business at Downtown Works

San Diegans tired of living at work (aka working from home) find flexible alternative with modern coworking options in Downtown San Diego and Carlsbad

As we move into seven months of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced companies throughout San Diego County to shutter offices and professionals to commute on foot to work at their home office (or dining table), many are feeling isolated and craving a safe place to work away from home. Downtown Works seized the opportunity to demonstrate how it is possible to create an inspiring and safe office environment that provides the space, community and amenities today’s professionals need to do their best work.

Constructed to model a tech campus with state-of-art technology, art and furnishings that encourage creativity, dynamic problem-solving and productivity, Downtown Works’ two locations – one in Little Italy San Diego on West B Street and its newest location in Carlsbad on Palomar Airport Road – give professionals flexible office options, enabling them to rotate between home and office in a safe physical-distancing environment. Still other members choose to lease a private office at Downtown Works fulltime where they can enjoy quiet solitude while feeling the buzz of an office around them.

“For some on our team, their living situations didn’t support work from home, whether it was having kids simultaneously homeschooling via Zoom or roommate challenges. So, we looked to Downtown Works to provide flexible office spaces we could rotate among those team members,” said Mercato CEO Bobby Brannigan.  “It’s working even better than anticipated. And we have access to some incredible amenities, including contemporary meeting rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art A/V that support our video conferences throughout the day.”

When the pandemic started, Downtown Works quickly made changes to ensure its members felt safe and comfortable. It put in medical-grade air purifiers; cold plasma generators to kill viruses and bacteria, and health and safety measures such as touchless doors for restrooms, keyless entry, limited seating capacity and mandatory masks in common areas – measures applauded by San Diego Mayor Kevin Falconer last May.  This approach, coupled with a variety of flexible office options, has many San Diego-area companies and solo-preneurs looking to Downtown Works to provide an alternative to living at work.

Downtown Works in Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy provides an airy, comfortable and quiet place to focus and create.

Downtown Works in Little Italy San Diego has about 33,500 square feet of private offices, open desks, lounge areas and meeting rooms. Carlsbad has 20,000 square feet and plentiful outdoor space.  Both are dog-friendly, too.

Team collaboration and meetings are easy and relaxed at both Downtown Works locations with kitchens, tables, and complimentary snacks, coffee, and craft beer.

Downtown Works in Little Italy San Diego offers private offices, open desks, and meeting rooms throughout its approximate 33,500 square feet of creatively designed space, and has become a hub for creatives and successful startups including Mercato, Boomr, Times of San Diego and Startup San Diego, among many others.

Downtown Works Carlsbad has about 20,000 of coworking office space on 4.9 acres. The space is contemporarily designed, features 43 furnished offices with flexible, stand-up optional desks, numerous plexiglass-separated workstations, a video/podcast studio, and plentiful outdoor workspaces.

Both Downtown Works locations provide flexible options – including virtual memberships – for those looking for a workspace other than, or in addition to, home. Offices, desks and outdoor workstations and meeting areas can be rented by the month, week, day, or hour. Downtown Works is dog-friendly, too.

“We’re clearly moving to a ‘work from anywhere’ culture – you might work from home one day, a coworking space the next, and then plan an all-hands Zoom conference by end of week,” said Downtown Works Managing Partner Wolf Bielas. “When COVID-19 hit we pivoted to create a tech-rich environment for professionals who crave the convenience and community of an office. We also incorporate strict safety protocols to instill peace of mind so they can do their best work.”

For more information about flexible coworking spaces in Downtown San Diego and Carlsbad visit

AMR teams up with the Padres for Special Showing of “Minions” for Families of Rady Children’s Hospital

It was a special night just outside Petco Park on Sept. 3 as AMR and the San Diego Padres teamed up to transform the Premier Lot at Petco Park into a movie theater. There they hosted a FREE Drive-In Movie Night for more than 120 Rady Children’s Hospital families and friends, including children who have been treated at the hospital.

“AMR was excited to give back to the community by sponsoring this wonderful drive-in event Downtown,” said Madeleine Baudoin, Government and Public Affairs Manager for AMR. “With social distancing measures in place, we’ve had to get creative. Bringing everyone together to make it happen for these families was a very special thing.”

“Minions,” an animated comedy, was released in 2015 and features the voices of Sandra Bullock, John Hamm, Michael Keaton, and Allison Janney. Before the show, a few popular “Minions” characters roamed the parking lot, entertaining the children in attendance.


American Medical Response, Inc., America’s leading provider of medical transportation, provides services in 40 states and has been serving the San Diego region for more than 70 years. The company is the largest ambulance provider in the region, employing more than 1,100 local AMR paramedics, EMT’s, RNs and other professionals who provide emergency and non-emergency medical transport to the local community, as well as providing service to four major hospital systems across the region. Over the course of several months, AMR operations have been hard at work dedicating countless hours to providing quality patient care, medical aid, and support to the community in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition to their diligent 9-1-1 service, AMR has been a strong community partner in Downtown San Diego. AMR paramedics and EMT’s work hand in hand with the DSDP Clean & Safe team and help support the Resource Access Program (RAP), a strategic social arm of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department that provides outreach and resources to vulnerable residents, including the homeless. AMR also supports several other community engagement activities and social programs which benefit the Downtown community, including Yoga in the City and the All Black Lives Matter banner program.

For more information about AMR, visit and follow American Medical Response on Facebook @AMR_Social on Twitter and Instagram.