The tree-planting movement replenishing Downtown’s urban canopy

About Grow Urban

Created in partnership with URBAN INTERVENTIONS, Grow Urban is a tree-planting initiative to replace all of Downtown’s missing street trees and help our urban canopy thrive. During an initial assessment conducted in 2019, the Downtown Partnership Clean & Safe program found that more than 200 street trees were missing from our Downtown neighborhoods.  

Clipped by delivery trucks, hit by cars, or killed due to lack of watering, these missing trees left a sad reminder of their absence in empty street wells and created a difference in how residents and visitors experienced our urban neighborhoods.    

By replacing and maintaining these street trees, Grow Urban aims to create a more cool, green, and resilient Downtown. 

Thank you to our certified arborists and partners at Tree San Diego for helping us choose the right tree species for Downtown’s urban neighborhoods.   

Tree Species Planted:

Jacaranda | Raywood Ash | Chinese Elm | Chinese Flame Tree | Carrotwood | Southern Magnolia | And More

Benefits of Trees


  • Beautify Downtown streets

  • Create cleaner air

  • Provide shade to keep our neighborhoods cool

  • Improve the pedestrian experience

  • Improve curb appeal

  • Can increase property values by up to 20% 
  • Attract tourism and business 

Grow Urban’s Impact to Date

Total Trees Planted: 441 

Money Raised: $112,711.90

Discover Downtown’s Trees

Explore our urban canopy and discover what trees can be found in your neighborhood with the Downtown Tree Plotter! Find information including species, location, eco-benefits, photos, and more in the interactive map 


All money donated to Grow Urban through the Downtown Partnership’s Downtown San Diego Public Spaces Foundation – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit – will be used to buy, plant, and care for trees of a size and species that have the best chance of living out a long life in our Downtown.  

Thank you to our Grow Urban supporters!

Our Major Donors


Our Tree Nursery  


Our Tree Arborists 

Our Generous Donors: 

Lara & James Gates | Rudolph Medina | Kelly Wagner | San Diego County Builders | Horton Fourth Avenue, LLC | Oliver McMillian Eagles Hall, LLC | OM Market Street, LP | Oliver McMillian Gaslamp Theaters, LLC | Brett Schaffter | Amber Bach | Robert Lang | Peter Sinclair | Mari Urtasun | House of Blues | The Mark Condominiums | Manpower Temporary Service – Phil Blair | Kasey Price | Carolyn Schulz | Joyce & Gordon Summer | Martin Buckingham | Geroge Durr | Chris Morrow – Project Design | Wayne Guymon – Fox Sports | Valerie Iniguez | Glenna Gaspar | Moe Coffee | Taal RI Safdie & Jose R. Rabines | Donald L. Bodine | Alta Owners Association | The Miller-Hull Partnership | Carleton Management, INC | Gretchen Morgan | The San Diego Foundation Bear Family Fund Don Heye’s Foundation | Ann Kilrain & Joseph Kilrain | Pannikin Building, LLC | Pete Garcia & Beth Callender | Donna Garcia & Manuel Garcia | Basile Studio | Jules Wilson Design Studio | Schmidt Design Group, INC | Sandra Kulli  – Kulli Marketing | Jeff Carlson & Eugenia Garcia Ovies | MA Engineers, INC | Pamela Hamilton Lester 


About the Downtown Partnership Clean & Safe program

The Grow Urban initiative is part of a robust portfolio of community enhancement projects led by the Downtown Partnership Clean & Safe program to improve quality of life and invite residents and visitors to find new and exciting reasons to enjoy Downtown.