Dynalectric Company

(San Diego)

Dynalectric Company (San Diego)

Since 1970, Dynalectric Company (San Diego) has been providing technologically advanced electrical services to the San Diego region. We are a leader in fully-integrated electrical and building systems installations, with capabilities ranging from complete pre-construction to new construction or renovation services for a variety of markets.
Our nearly 500 employees include experts in preconstruction, project management, engineering, electrical, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our team is prepared to handle a wide variety of projects from small-scale, time-and-materials jobs to large-scale, technology-intensive projects.

Our service department is available 24/7 to cover emergencies as well as scheduled maintenance repairs. Our Design-Build approach has made us one of San Diego’s leading contractors, with the in-house expertise needed to plan, construct, install, and fully integrate virtually every conceivable electrical, control, and telecommunications system.

Our Service & Systems Division leads a team of experts in network-dependent products and services, delivering complex low-voltage systems, closed circuit TV, energy management, and more. Offering industrial material handling, industrial construction, and industrial electrical services, our Industrial Division leads an experienced team of project managers, foreman, automation and systems engineers, and International Society of Automation (ISA) certified technicians.
We have worked in a variety of markets including: Commercial. Government, Biotech/Healthcare, Industrial/Manufacturing, Mission Critical, Multi-Unit Residential, Retail, and Entertainment.