Let’s make downtown San Diego more beautiful and cool, literally. It’s simple, plant trees!

Who doesn’t love walking down a tree-lined street?  Trees cool us when it’s hot, improves our overall health and well-being, provides a nesting and resting spot for local wildlife and create scenic corridors while driving, walking or biking in the city.  And if that isn’t enough, they enhance property values!


The perilous life of a street tree.

But it’s not easy being a street tree. Cars and delivery trucks run into them, dogs pee on them, people abuse them, and sometimes they don’t get enough water. They simply get no respect.


That’s where you come in.

How to get involved!


  • Donate! For every $650 the Tree Hero’s at the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Clean & Safe program will buy and plant a large 36” box tree that has the best chance of survival. 

Donate Here.

  • ART for TREES. Our partner in this effort, URBAN INTERVENTIONS, has donated a catalog of paintings to this effort. That way you can enjoy art on your wall, while contributing to the effort. 

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  • Spread the word. Tell everybody – your friends, co-workers and colleagues and encourage them to participate. 


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