FY 22-23
Annual Report

Be part of championing Downtown’s big wins. 


The Downtown San Diego Partnership’s annual report is an encapsulation of the organization’s performance and accomplishments during the last year and the primary outreach tool for the following fiscal year. It serves as both a marketing and educational document as members of the Downtown Partnership team meet with current, new, and potential members and other regional stakeholders to teach them about our organizational mission and the innovative, exciting things happening in our Downtown. To secure your placement, contact Sarah Brothers at sbrothers@downtownsandiego.org. 

Deadline: Monday, August 14


Increase brand awareness and visibility among Downtown Partnership members (new and existing), regional stakeholders, and high-level decision-makers for a full fiscal year (July 2023 – June 2024)

Brand inclusion in the organization’s primary outreach and marketing tool

Promotion of your project, organization, or product to a Downtown-focused, highly engaged, well-resourced audience 

Placement Includes*

Display and Distribution

Sponsor graphic/message displayed in the annual report for 12 months

Hard copy distribution of the annual report to the Downtown Partnership Officers and Executive Board

Inclusion of the annual report as part of new member onboarding packet and training documents for current Board of Directors

Inclusion of the annual report on the Downtown San Diego Partnership website

Social Media and Email

Recognition as a sponsor across Downtown Partnership social media platforms with links to the digital document announcing its release

Logo linked to preferred url included in “With support from” section in promotional email announcing the report’s release to membership

Recognition as a sponsor with link to preferred url in the Downtown Partnership’s bi-weekly newsletter with links to the digital document

*Additional benefits for cover sponsor listed below


Cover Placement
(Members $2,000, Non-Members $3,000)
1 available

Mid Placement
(Members $625-$1,250, Non-Members $750-$1,000)
2 available

Choose from Full or Half Page Placements

End Placement
(Members $375-$750, Non-Members 
2 available

Choose from Full or Half Page Placements


Downtown San Diego Partnership members

Downtown residents, business and property owners, employees, and visitors

Downtown stakeholders and regional decision-makers

Nearly 300 of the most prominent businesses, community organizations, and leaders in Downtown

Metrics available for email, social media, and website visitors. 


Full page sizing – 8″ x 10.5″

Half page sizing – 8″ x 5.125″

Four color CMYK. PDF (distilled at high resolution) or EPS files preferred 

Artwork must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 26 to sramirez@downtownsandiego.org 

To secure your ad sponsorship contact Sarah Brothers atsbrothers@downtownsandiego.org