Deco Bikes

What exactly is a DECOBIKE?

It’s one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get around the city!

DECOBIKE is the only citywide bikeshare in San Diego and is operated in partnership with the City of San Diego. It is your new alternative mode of transportation that is green, healthy, and fun! It’s for residents. It’s for visitors. Most importantly, it’s for you! At full operation, the program features a network of over 180 solar powered bike rental and sharing stations with a fleet of more than 1,700 custom DECOBIKES accessible from dozens of locations 24 hours per day. Enjoy San Diego as you never had before!

Check out a bicycle for an exhilarating ride, tour historic San Diego, meet friends, run errands, or get to your office or hotel. DECOBIKE is here to help you save time, money, your body, and of course the environment. There are two distinct ways to utilize the DECOBIKE program, either as a Bike Share Member or an Hourly Rental.