Keeping Up Positive Employee Morale & Company Culture in a Virtual Environment

The Downtown San Diego Partnership and Intesa Communications invite you to pull up a chair to the digital table for our next session of Fed & EducatedIt’s hard to find a workplace that hasn’t been changed by COVID-19. As many continue to work from home in some capacity or find more of their work conducted virtuallyleaders and decision-makers are wondering how best to invest their time and attention to support their teams in this new environment. Join regional experts to learn more about what you can do to continue building positive company culture and boost employee morale among your digital and in-person teams.  

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RESOURCES: Take advantage of the resources and programs mentioned during the session.
  • How to Build Culture in a Virtual Environment
    • Article on culture strategy in a virtual environment, including six key strategies from a collection of Gensler’s workplace and innovation leaders that can make significant impact on the remote work experience.
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  • Nathan Ouren, Sr. Project Architect, Design Manager, People & Strategy Leader, Gensler San Diego
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