Advancing Equity in Downtown San Diego Placemaking


The DSDP is soliciting designs from local Black artists and Black-owned businesses, which will be displayed via banners in Downtown’s City Center, the heart of San Diego, along the Broadway median, between Kettner and Third Avenue. Designs are strongly encouraged to incorporate the message that “All Black Lives Matter,” and may also incorporate themes of hope, justice, and freedom.



The Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP) believes strongly that we have a duty to ensure our efforts are promoting equality and addressing systemic injustice and racial discrimination wherever they exist. We acknowledge the inequities in our country that disproportionately affect communities of color and the movement to change the course of unnecessary violence levied against Black communities. The DSDP stands in solidarity with our Black community, including our staff, downtown residents, business owners, elected officials, members, and our Board. We know Black lives matter and that we must unite as a community to speak and act against racism and prejudice in any form.

In addition to commitments we have made to continue recruitment efforts in historically underrepresented communities, investing in our staff to help them grow as individuals and as a collective voice for supporting inclusivity, and cultivating a more culturally diverse membership base, the DSDP is working to foster a greater sense of cultural vibrancy through placemaking and special projects, particularly those that highlight historically disadvantaged cultural institutions and artists. While we recognize that one project will not bring back George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, TonyMcDade, and too many others who are victims of racism and violence, we hope to help inspire dialogue and promote discussion through visual expression so these types of senseless killings won’t happen again. We invite you to be part of the call for change.



We are asking donors to join us in the opportunity to recognize this movement, celebrate a Black artist from our community, and inspire hope for what we can accomplish together by helping cover the costs associated with the design and installation of 26 banners. This immediate opportunity will be followed up with future long-term visual impact projects and we look forward to keeping you updated.