Cutting Edge Clean

Clean & Safe launched a new Cutting Edge Clean project!

Clean and Safe uses dry ice technology to remove gum from the sidewalks throughout Downtown San Diego.

Dry ice blasting is a safe, effective and gentle approach for gum removal on tile, brick and cement. The advantages of dry ice blasting is that no water, chemicals or secondary waste are used in the process. The gum just turns to dust! For these reasons, the Downtown San Diego Partnership Clean and Safe Program has created this program to remove the gum from our Downtown sidewalks and help beautify the streets of Downtown. The Cutting Edge Clean portion of our sidewalk enhancement program will continue Clean and Safe’s efforts to make our Downtown world class.

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More About San Diego Ice Company

San Diego Ice Company Located at the Sports Arena area. (Corner of Sherman & Kurtz)
They offer Complete Full Service Packaged Ice and is open to the public. Some of their services include snow scenes, delivery, event rentals and ice sculptures. The Downtown San Diego Partnership is proud to collaborate with San Diego Ice Company.