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Clean & Safe is here to help with everything from graffiti to cleaning sidewalks. Tell us how Clean & Safe can help keep Downtown looking great.

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Did you see our team on the streets

during Comic-Con?

C&S with ninja turtles

Click the photo above to view some of the Team’s photos during Comic Con.


During Comic-Con 2017, Clean & Safe Maintenance Ambassadors:

Removed 29.39 tons of trash
Pulled 4,990 bags of trash
Removed graffiti 311 times
Picked up 44,581 flyers, posters and stickers


Learn more about our Cutting Edge Clean project!


Maintenance Ambassadors work 24/7 to keep Downtown San Diego looking its very best:

-Sidewalk sweeping
-Trash and debris removal
-Power-washing sidewalks
-Graffiti removal
-Landscaping installation and maintenance
-Tree planting and maintenance
-Mid-block lighting
-Weed abatement
-Gum Removal
-Sticker Removal
-Maintenance of Children’s Pond
-Doggie bag station installation and maintenance.

 Meet the team!

Sidewalk power-washing is one of Clean & Safe’s most popular services.
Click below to find out when your sidewalk is scheduled to be cleaned.


Interested in the City of San Diego Street Sweeping Schedule? Click here.

To see the City of San Diego Tree Trimming Schedule, click here.

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