Where others see asphalt, we see opportunity

The Downtown Partnership is using the tenets of tactical urbanism, also known as placemaking, to reimagine public spaces in our Downtown. These temporary measures are designed to start a dialogue to create lasting change. Here are just some of our initiatives:

PARK(ing) Day Moving Parklet

Moving Parklet

A parklet is a small, urban park, which is about the size of a parking space. A moving parklet, or mobile parklet, is just what it sounds like: a small, urban park that be easily moved around to create a pop-up public space as needed.

The Downtown Partnership is in the process of permitting and design of the Mobile Parklet.

pocket park photo

Pocket Park

What was once a small and underused private parking lot was converted into a temporary innovative urban pocket park. Located at J Street and 13th Avenue, the Pocket Park was made possible with the help of HP Investors and RAD Lab, an architecture and design firm. Stay tuned for more Pocket Parks popping up around Downtown.

sounds of summer 17

Sounds of Summer

This popular summer pop-up concert series brings local music acts to street corners, plazas and other public spaces throughout Downtown. Sponsored by Sycuan and The US GRANT, “Sounds of Summer” is all about enlivening Downtown with decidedly local rhythm.

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